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Drawn to the Light

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Psalm 119:105

One night this summer, I accidentally left the garage door up with the lights turned on. It was three hours later before I discovered my oversight. As I opened the door that leads into the garage from the laundry room, I was greeted with a surreal sight: dozens of moths! They were on the walls, hanging from the ceiling and covering both vehicles like polka dots.

They all looked similar to this one.

I decided the best thing to do was to simply turn off the lights and shut all the doors. The moths will go nowhere in the dark, I thought: “I’ll deal with it in the morning.”

But early the next day when I opened the door, there were just a few little brown insects to be seen. Only when I walked to the other side of the garage did I discover what happened overnight.

Most of the moths had landed on the floor—fanning out from a night light. It was the only source of luminescence in the room, shining only 0.4 watts, yet they found their way to it!

This begs the question, just how much of God’s light does a person need?

King David wrote of God’s Word being a lamp for his feet and a light for his path (Psalm 119:105). This doesn’t sound like the airport runway lights I’d prefer, but it must be enough to find The Way, or David wouldn’t have said it.

Jesus Himself spoke about how just a little bit of the right stuff is a big deal in the kingdom of God. Remember the parable He told about having faith like a mustard seed (Mark 4:30)?

As an amatuer bread baker, it still amazes me just how little yeast is needed for a whole batch of dough! “Surely, one packet isn’t enough,” I tell my wife every time. But the balls of dough keep rising until they triple in size! Jesus compared the Kingdom of Heaven to such an experience (Matthew 13:33).

As a child of God, out on life’s ocean, it’s often hard to find my bearings. And when I can’t see but a few feet in front of me, it’s tempting to pray for lighthouses, fog horns and flares–something BIG to show me The Way. However, like He did with Elijah, God often speaks in a gentle whisper (1 Kings 19:11-13).

I suppose the moral of the moths is to tune in to the light of God we have, no matter how small. Flood light faith isn’t always needed.

God’s best to you in your journey.

By davidsdailydose

I'm just a regular guy who was
tempted to lose all hope but did not. It was God who made the difference.

48 replies on “Drawn to the Light”

Thanks for today’s inspiration my friend. It’s easy to loose sight and give up nowadays. God speaks and shines his light through many things , the Bible, events, people, life circumstances, on a quiet moment. Today his light shone through this post. God bless and stay safe.

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I think we can’t live without God’s light. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of that. Part of searching for him is showing others that it is the same thing they need in their lives.

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I remember my dad taking our family to a cave. the guide had us put all flashlights out. It was total darkness. Then he lit a match which seemed like a flood light in comparison. We really don’t know how much light we need or even how bright is bright, good one David

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Thanks David! As someone who is constantly feeling out at sea these days this is a very encouraging post. I do want that flood light. But God…. yep… there is always a “But God” I’ve got to pay attention to those little bits of light. Thanks for sharing!

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David, you made some excellent points. Light, no matter how small or dim, lights up the darkness and attracts. The light of Jesus, shining from our lives makes a beacon of hope to others that struggle in the darkness. Appreciate your post! 😋

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Yes, our low wattage experiences are powerful enough to lead us to heaven’s glory!
I can’t help but think of all those people back in Jesus’ day who had personal encounters with Him that changed their lives for eternity!Thank you for your thoughts, Jeffrey. I appreciate the engagement—especially from a wordsmith like you!

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This was great! I’m with you – I want airport lights, a lighthouse, something BIG! I read about people who have had near-death experiences, people who Jesus has come to in their sleep…I want one of THOSE!! But God’s Word does its work. Here are you and I, writing about God for others based on the lower wattage experiences of our own. Powerful enough, yes?

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Yet again you’ve written a corker of a post David, well done brother. I really enjoyed this. I love how you would prefer “runway lights” to guide you, just like me bro…who wants the hard way when an easier way is available? Your light theme made me think of plug in night lights we had for the kids when they were young, they gave just enough light to show the way ahead. Thank you again David. Hope you have a blessed weekend brother.

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There are signs everywhere of His love, little sparks even. All the little bits accumulate to an overwhelmingly brighter wholeness. It reminds us of His abundant grace and mercy. Lovely post my friend, shining of hope ✨ ❤

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Thank you, David, for another uplifting post. Your posts are always a pleasure to read. I do think there are so many little bit’s of the Lord’s inspiration along our way – we just have to take the moment to tune in, as you say, and appreciate them. Even a blog post can light our way! Enjoy your day!

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