Fully Rely on God

My mom was an avid reader of Guideposts, a Christian devotional magazine. In one issue, when she read an article about a man who handed out little rubber frogs with the caption, “F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely on God— she was motivated to get involved.

A quick check at an online retailer found bags of suitable frogs by the 100 count; a pack of lined note cards (to cut into strips) and a ball of red yarn completed the supplies needed to go into the F.R.O.G. business.

Here’s one of my mom’s earliest models. It’s a bit tattered, because he has made the rounds with many in need.

Mom made several dozen and began handing them out to friends and neighbors. She also supplied Nancy and me enough to hand out for our nursery home ministry. Altogether, she made and shared about 200 F.R.O.G.s before she became too sick to continue.

After mom passed away, we decided to hop 🐸 into the F.R.O.G. business ourselves. Ours didn’t have the carefully handcrafted look of mom’s, but they served the same purpose

The residents at the nursing homes and assisted living centers where we sang were thrilled with their little green friends who reminded them to totally trust God. A running joke every month was, “Don’t keep two together, or you’ll soon have more little froggies than you know what to do with!”

At one particular retirement home, the same sweet, smiling resident continued to ask for a frog every time we came. I kept thinking, “Didn’t I give you one last month?!” This went on for awhile—until I heard her whisper to a friend—after taking yet another frog— “I have three more in my room!”

Fully Rely on God, it’s a great idea, but are there practical applications? I think I’ve found a couple. Perhaps you can help me think of more!

My first down-to-earth utilization of F.R.O.G. is the “Phillipians Filter”:

“Finally brothers, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think of such things.” — Philippians 4:8

My apologies for the handmade illustrations. I spent all my money on my catchy domain name.😆

My second illustration of our amphibious acronym is called “Proverbial Math”:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” — Proverbs 3:5-6

Again, please excuse the homespun illustration. I need a graphic artist!🙄

All things considered, maybe the concept of fully relying on God can’t be reduced to a simple formula. Perhaps that why the Almighty told a guy like Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.” — 2 Corinthians 12:9

All the same, as fallible followers of a Holy God, we seek tangible ways to put His promises into practice. Hence, the popularity of F.R.O.G., WWJD and the like.

Today, and every day, may we: turn away from sin, hop to Him, and keep our eyes on the prize like we’re watching flies!

🎶 It’s not easy bein’ green. 🎶






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  1. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, Ruth! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I, too, especially needed to F.R.O.G. today. Blessings.


  2. Ruth Kirk Avatar

    This is so lovely, David. Many thanks – especially today, when I really need this reminder XXXX

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  3. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you for reading and commenting, Matcha. Yes, my mother was a wonderful person. She taught 1st grade for 28 years. Blessings!


  4. Matcha Avatar

    Aren’t the elderly the most adorable? I absolutely love them. In fact, I am closest with my grandmother.

    I’m glad you continued what your mom started. She must have been a great and intelligent woman to have initiated that. What I have found is that especially when in assisted livings, people need a reminder that their strength is in God.

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  5. davidsdailydose Avatar

    I’m glad you enjoyed this. Rainer. Thank you and God Bless!

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  6. The Devotional Guy™ Avatar

    I love this acronym! Fully rely on God. What important words for us this day. I think in the midst of a storm, we’ve got to rely on Him more than we rely on ourselves, but that’s not our nature, especially here in America. We like our independence and value self-reliance. Which I think is a good thing as long as we include God in our decision-making. Great post! Thanks for sharing this.

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  7. Crystal Byers Avatar

    I understand. My mom means the world to me, too. She is still here physically. She has Alzheimer’s and can no longer communicate, and the nursing home is closed to visitors. They open her window blinds at 4 pm each day for my dad and my sister who live nearby to wave and talk to her through the window. I hate that for her.

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  8. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thanks, Crystal! I miss my mom a lot; she meant the world to me. Like you, I can still hear her voice.


  9. Crystal Byers Avatar

    My mother was also a long-time Guidepost reader. Love the FROGs 🐸 and had never heard that one…what a wonderful story about your mom…Philippians 4:8 is a favorite, and I can practically hear my mother’s voice quoting Proverbs 3:5-6.

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  10. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, Kristi! I appreciate you reading, commenting, AND following my blog. Blessings.


  11. Island Traveler Avatar

    Beautiful inspiration 🙏

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  12. davidsdailydose Avatar

    I thought you might like the idea for your ministry, Pete! We get the 🐸 from Oriental Trading Company. I’m glad this made you smile. We’ve certainly had a lot of fun passing out these little guys and encouraging others in their faith. Blessings.


  13. pastorpete51 Avatar

    What a great thing to do! First time I really smiled all day! This is an idea I just might borrow when the lockdown is done.

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  14. eguyadeen3 Avatar

    Blessings to you as well

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  15. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, eguyadeen! I appreciate your comment and the reblog! Blessings.

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  16. eguyadeen3 Avatar

    I have heard about the frog: Fully Rely on God when someone gave my son a frog when he was baptize with these words on it. I am reblogging on quietmomentswithgod

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  17. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, Beth. I truly appreciate your thoughts. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Blessings.

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  18. Beth Alisan Avatar

    Thank you for sharing the FROG acronym with us and the way you share it with others. Our unusually balmy October weather has breathed new life into the frogs that live around our home. Once again I’m hearing tree frogs and peeper frogs when I take our dog for her walk. Now as I enjoy their song, I’ll be reminded to “Fully Rely on God.”

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  19. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, Vivian! God Bless you too.


  20. Viv Avatar

    Wow David! Love the frogs! God bless you!

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  21. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thanks, Jeffrey!


  22. Jeffrey H. King Avatar

    I LOVE the Philippians filter!! That is the sort of thing that helps make Scripture relatable!

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  23. davidsdailydose Avatar

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks, and blessings to you—always.

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  24. Ladysag77 Avatar

    Awesome acronym David🙏 I love these, quick ways to keep my heart full of love and my soul focused on the truth❤

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  25. davidsdailydose Avatar

    I enjoy your comments, Chris. Perhaps both formulas and grace work hand in hand. Blessings.

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  26. Chris Hendrix Avatar

    I love the illustrations! I tend to be more formulaic in my approach to things. Those spoke to me. Then I got checked by what Jesus told Paul. Christianity isn’t formulaic. It’s relying on the sufficiency of God’s Grace. Thanks for the visuals and reminders.

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  27. Vince Cambron Avatar
    Vince Cambron

    Very nice and a great idea.

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  28. Don't Lose Hope Avatar

    I was talking about this with my daughter yesterday. God’s timeline is different from ours, and often He takes us places by circuitous routes. So I know what you mean!! Thank you for following me. I always enjoy your thoughtful comments. And I very much enjoy reading your blog as well. Blessings 🙂

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  29. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you for reading and commenting. I can’t always see God helping me when I rely totally on Him, but I can certainly feel it! I enjoy your blog. Thank you for following mine. Blessings.

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  30. Don't Lose Hope Avatar

    I love this! Having a visual makes things so much more vivid and memorable.
    And we can Fully Rely on God because we have actually learned for ourselves: “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness” A wonderful truth 🙂

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  31. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, Manu. Blessings to you, always.

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  32. Alan Kearns Avatar

    Our heating is doing overtime the last wee while too. As I write it is darkening overhead, another bout of rain on its way I think. Showers of blessings I hope!😁

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  33. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Amen! That’s what I meant, BG. Thanks.


  34. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, Alan. The Philippians Filter actually came to me in a dream. I believe the Holy Spirit helped me with that one! Blessings, brother.

    We are having Fife like weather here this week. Highs near 0 degrees C with sleet/freezing rain. Not a typical thing for us this time of year.

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  35. BG Avatar

    Being green! Full of life!

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  36. Alan Kearns Avatar

    This is a positively joyful post David! A great encouragement to use what God has given us to share His love with others. I really like “The Philippians Filter” though, that could be a post on its own. God bless your writing brother.

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  37. Perth Girl Avatar

    I really like the FROGs idea- a wonderful reminder to Fully rely on God.

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  38. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you! It’s been an honor to carry on what mom started. I suppose we’ve given out about 500 🐸!


  39. My Life in Our Father's World Avatar

    I ❤ that you carried on with FROGs to honor your mother & your Heavenly Father. I think that both are smiling.

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