Six Strings and a Prayer

“We live by faith, not by sight.” — 2 Corinthians 5:7 (NIV)

Once, when I was barely scraping by as an associate pastor, I asked God to help me find some money. I needed $300 fast, and the only way I knew to get it was to sell my beloved guitar. I told a local music shop owner my instrument was for sale, then restrung my guitar and polished it up. I sat it on a stand and prayed with true faith, “There it is, Lord…”

About five minutes later, the shop owner called. Someone was in his store looking for a guitar like mine! I brought my instrument to the shop and sold it to a gentleman on the spot for $400. The money was enough to cover my need, plus buy another guitar (less fancy, of course) to get me by.

God orchestrated the entire transaction!

As often happens here on Word Press, it was another blogger’s post that jogged my memory. Marie, from Blog with Marie, helped me remember a spiritual marker of my own.

She wrote about misplacing a heart shaped ring her mother gave her upon the birth of her first child. It wasn’t an expensive piece of jewelry, but held great sentimental value. Marie retraced her steps, praying to God all the while that He would show her where it was.

Did she find it? Click or tap over to her excellent post to find out!

Happy Friday ~ The Ring

I close with Marie’s parting thought–one that prompted this ENTIRE post:

“Have you had a similar experience where you asked the Lord to help you locate something and He has? How did it make you feel? I’d love to hear about your experience.”

Tag, kind reader. You’re it! Please share about a time when God came through for you.

🙏❤️ prayers and love.

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22 responses to “Six Strings and a Prayer”

  1. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Great story! Just like in Marie’s case (the blogger I linked to) your son’s lost item was close by the whole time. I didn’t say so in my post, but the music shop where I sold the guitar was just one block up the street.

    Thanks for sharing, Barb.


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  2. My Life in Our Father's World Avatar

    When my son was in high school he misplaced his wallet. Besides a little bit of cash the wallet held his learner’s permit & the thought of having to replace it was not sitting to well with him. We searched high & low but it was nowhere to be found. Mark prayed for God to show him where the wallet was. God’s unmistakable answer was, “Get your homework done & I will show you.” As he fell into bed after a long evening of studying, Mark reached under his pillow…and you guessed it….the wallet was under his pillow.

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  3. Beth Alisan Avatar

    You know David, I have that book sitting in my “to read” pile. I think I might just need to bump it to the top. Adi sends Cooper a Labby wag of the tail. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  4. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thanks, Beth. I learned the term from Henry Blackaby in his book, “Experiencing God.”

    My Miniature Schnauzer, Cooper says Hi to your Lab, Adi.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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  5. Beth Alisan Avatar

    I never thought about it before, but you are correct our lives do have “spiritual markers” that need to be remembered and reflected on.

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  6. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Wow! It’s amazing that the other person’s keys worked on your uncle’s car.

    Thank you for stopping by. God Bless.

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  7. davidsdailydose Avatar

    You’re welcome, Sally. I am now blessed to have more than one acoustic guitar. Thank you for your comment, and for reading.

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  8. Sally Avatar

    Great post, David.
    As a fellow guitarist, I can sympathize with how you felt about selling your guitar.
    I see God helping me in so many countless ways – thanks for the reminder that God cares about every need that we have. 🤗⚘

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  9. Don't Lose Hope Avatar

    This has happened to me and my family a lot! One occasion that stands out is when my uncle lost his car keys while camping but knew he had another set locked inside his car. He combed the campsite and looked everywhere he could think of for the keys. After praying he felt moved to ask the neighbour in the next caravan if he could try his car keys. The guys said “OK” … and they worked!

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  10. davidsdailydose Avatar

    You’ve brought up a good point, Gary. Our Heavenly Father is much more than a lost object finder. After all, He has the whole universe to manage!
    It’s wonderful, though, that He is concerned about every detail of our lives.

    Thank you for your thoughts.

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  11. Gary Fultz Avatar

    Wow, I’m just sitting here thinking of all that God has done for us, in and around us. Miracles no one could deny. I can’t think of praying for anything lost and then it was found (except an old stock certificate I lost and found later as a college student, God teaching me a lesson on money). Maybe without knowing it, I didn’t want to bother God with those little things?? I have to think about that as I know God is interested in every detail. Good memory David.

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  12. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, Maria. God always comes through!

    🙏❤️ prayers and love.

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  13. MariaTeresa Avatar

    God is constantly, consistently and unconditionally supporting us with love. This is such a shining example of this. Faith in this allows me to know that whatever I need is always taken care of. Blessings to you David 🙏

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  14. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thanks, Betty. I don’t remember reading that post about your dad. Could you share the link, please?

    I hope you and Dan enjoy your weekend!

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  15. Betty Avatar

    I’ve lost many items, David. One in particular comes to mind. This past Christmas season, I wanted to write my post about my Dad and how he woke one morning with no Christmas gifts. But to humanize the story, I wanted to include the one picture I had of my dad as a child. I searched high and low. I wasn’t sure I had the picture since we moved here eight years ago. Finally, I said a prayer, Lord, if you want me to write this post, please help me find the picture. Not long after, I found the picture. And then I wrote the post. So many times, I can think of answered prayers – which are followed by prayers of thanksgiving.

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  16. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Sometimes He cuts it pretty close, but God always comes through in the end. Thanks Crystal!

    🙏❤️ prayers and love.

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  17. Crystal Byers Avatar

    Thanks for the reminders that God orchestrates when we live by faith. ❤️

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  18. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Amen! Thank you God for helping Kent heal after his accident.


  19. davidsdailydose Avatar

    I am grateful too, brother! The greatest lost and found story is how God restored our relationship with Himself through Christ.

    Thank you, and God Bless.

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  20. Kent Lemons Avatar
    Kent Lemons

    When has God come through for me? Well, I can see every day what he has done for me. It is often the simple things that remind me of what I couldn’t do, but I can now. I can feed myself, brush my teeth, put on my clothes, walk, and the list goes on and on. Thank you Lord for bringing me back. Thank you David for your “Dose, “ and prayers.

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  21. Alan Kearns Avatar

    As I read your post brother and then Marie’s I found myself looking down at my wedding ring. This ring had belonged to my dear grandmother (who was instrumental in my coming to faith in Christ), my mum gave me it when Susan and I were getting married. I remember the day I lost it, I was as sick as the proverbial parrot! I eventually found it after retracing my steps back to pond at the local park, and right beside the bin where I had tossed the bread bag was the ring shining in the sun amongst the leaves! How I rejoiced in that moment, I felt a heavy burden lifted off me as I cried in relief. As Marie said it is a reminder of how much greater is our Saviour’s love for one sheep that has gone astray, this sheep is grateful beyond words for His love.

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