Month: January 2021

  • Famous Last Words

    What would you say to those you love if you knew you were about to die?

  • God Chose You

    “You did not choose me, but I chose you.” Jesus – John 15:16a You know the kid on every playground who’s always chosen last? That was me. I could run fast, but my hand-to-eye coordination stunk. That meant being a sought after team mate for a game of pick-up basketball was out of the question.…

  • Unwelcome News

    It’s cancer. You’re fired. Killed in action. These are words nobody wants to hear–EVER. Yet there are times, “When Bad Things Happen to Good People,” as Rabbi Harold Kushner writes in his book by the same name. Rabbi Kushner wrote this inspirational classic after his three year old son was diagnosed with a degenerative disease…

  • On Outsmarting a Smart Watch

    It’s easier to fool a gadget than God.

  • Pendulum


    begin again

  • #shareHisgrace


    It’s always polite to share.