Positive thoughts from a Christian Perspective

  • Leaves By the Door

    Leaves By the Door

    The custodians at the elementary school where I teach are currently battling leaves. The fallen foliage is on the outside, but it keeps coming in the building—thanks to the ever present Oklahoma wind. At the end of the day, the hallway near pre-kindergarten parent pick up looks like this. Our little leaf litter problem even […]

  • Head over Heals

    Head over Heals

    I was fifteen years old when I found my first real girlfriend. To say I was smitten is putting it mildly. I followed “Sweet Thing,” as my family called her, around like a love sick puppy. One day, she wanted to leave our high school campus at lunch time, so I walked with her a […]

  • The Lord is My Shepherd–Kinda Sorta

    The Lord is My Shepherd–Kinda Sorta

    confessions of a former far away follower

  • Remember to Forget

    Remember to Forget

    The first morning back to school, after winter break, one of my students told me the good news: “Mr. Duncan, while we were gone I lost three teeth!” The 5th grader explained how she wiggled and wiggled until each loose tooth came out. Of course she saved them for the tooth fairy, who now pays […]

  • Slippery When Happy

    Slippery When Happy

    It was the fall of 2007, and many of my friends were upgrading to a new Apple device called the iPhone. I marveled at the 3.5′ multi-touch screen and the little square icons called apps. Suddenly, my Motorola flip phone seemed out-of-date. A few years later, someone in the waiting room at my doctor’s office […]

  • Shadows of Joy

    Shadows of Joy

    Something amazing happened at our house two days ago. We opened the blinds on our front door to let some sunshine in. No, that’s not the amazing part, though we are rarely home during the day to do this. I’m sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a mid morning cup of coffee when Nancy says, […]