Month: May 2022

  • God Doesn’t Break Toys

    God Doesn’t Break Toys

    The young boy in my music class pounded the tambourine on the floor. This was after I’d demonstrated to everyone how to properly play our classroom instruments. Visibly frustrated, I confiscated the instrument and commented (in jest): “If you break this tambourine, I’m coming to your house and breaking one of your toys.” The offender…

  • In Case of Emergency

    In Case of Emergency

    Got a plan?

  • Playing “Pop Up”

    Playing “Pop Up”

    Dealing with life’s little interruptions.

  • Help!


    You see them everywhere these days, on the doors of restaurants and in almost every type of business, help wanted signs. Sadly, at least in my neck of the woods, there aren’t enough people who are willing to work. The other day, while my wife and I waited for our lunch at a favorite short-staffed…