Month: June 2022

  • One Firefly Night

    Last night, just after dusk, I sat on the back porch taking in the sounds of nature. There were a few crickets and some bird who didn’t know not to sing after sun down. It was all garden variety, until my eye caught a green blink…blink…blink. A firefly! Hyper-focused, I tried to guess where the […]

  • God’s Arithmetic

    As a summer school principal I get to visit every classroom. Dropping in on first grade this week, I met a student who had just finished a puzzle. I asked the young boy, “Why is the number 7 in the middle?” Without hesitation he said, “It’s because all of them (the addition problems) add up […]

  • Big Gate but No Fence

    I’ve watched with curiosity as a property, on my way to work, has taken shape these past two years. First, the owner built a house. Then, he built another one. Finally, he added a large garage in between them. This was just the beginning. Next, the creative fellow added lots of landscaping, a large fountain, […]

  • Notifications Silenced

    Notifications Silenced

    I expected an important call earlier this week, so I turned my phone off vibrate. The call came and went. Later, that same day, I kept hearing a peculiar sound: “Buh-ding!” What’s that and where’s it coming from? It was my phone telling me I had a message. I hear it so seldom I didn’t […]