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  • Four (More) Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

    Four (More) Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

    This past September, after four years of blogging, I wrote about four things I’d learned. Lucky me, it took only seven months to learn four more! So, for what it’s worth, here they are: 4. Instead of Reposting, Repurpose I know, it’s easier to click “repost” than to use something a fellow blogger wrote to…

  • Night Song

    Night Song

    We have a new friend in our neighborhood; he’s a mockingbird who likes to sing at night. And when I say night, I mean in the wee hours of the morning.😳 ▶️ 1:26 AM: Our fourteen year old diabetic schnauzer wakes me up to go outside. “Casanova” (the Mockingbird) sits in the top of our…

  • Famous Last Words

    Famous Last Words

    The setting: Christ’s final Passover with His closest friends. (The time has come to sacrifice his life as a ransom for many. He shows the full extent of His love.) Here’s how an epic Hollywood movie might have captured the moment: After supper, Jesus rises from his seat, unsheathes a gleaming sword, and says (holding…

  • Surprise in the Sky

    Surprise in the Sky

    On a recent flight, as we prepared to land, the airline steward came over the intercom with the familiar spiel, “Please check that your seat belt is securely fastened, and your seat and tray table are in the full upright position.” But then the gentleman surprised everyone with his own twist. “As we say back…

  • Paws and Reflect (2)

    Paws and Reflect (2)

    The (continuing) adventures of a dog who followed Jesus.

  • Blurb for a Fellow Blogger (4)

    Blurb for a Fellow Blogger (4)

    I’m glad I bought a hard copy of Bridget Thomas’ third book, because I read it with a highlighter in one hand and my Bible in the other! Giving God Your Whole Heart begins with two questions: “Am I giving God my whole heart?,” and “Who do I want to be?” Bridget answers these, in…