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  • Lost Balloons

    Lost Balloons

    The fall our oldest son turned four, he enjoyed his first state fair. We walked the midway, road on a carousel, and shared a giant corn dog. The little guy’s eyes were wide with wonder! At some point, we came upon a man holding dozens of brightly colored helium balloons. Families were buying them up…

  • Paws and Reflect

    Paws and Reflect

    The adventures of a dog who followed Jesus.

  • Stopping The Train

    Stopping The Train

    Some “problems” aren’t even real.

  • Hearing God in the Stillness

    Hearing God in the Stillness

    The chapel where my wife and I attend worship was built in 1935. Constructed in the Neo-gothic style, it resembles a smaller version of a Western European cathedral. And like any old building, it has a unique personality. As a musician, I used to enjoy the quirky sounds our little chapel made. The creaky floor…

  • A Winning Formula

    After I left full-time ministry, but before I became a teacher, I spent three years in sales with Frito Lay, Inc. I was a Route Sales Rep, which is a front-line position selling salty snacks to grocery and convenience stores. One day, my boss was helping me set up a huge display of potato chips…

  • God Knows You

    “How do you know me?” Nathanael asked. Jesus answered, “I saw you while you were still under the fig tree before Phillip called you.” John 1:48 I just saw the coolest PBS documentary about Emperor penguins! After marching up to 125 miles across the sea ice, the mother must find her chick among the thousands…