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  • Close, But Not Quite

    According to our church bulletin yesterday, the first hymn was #407, How Firm a Foundation. But when I turned to that number in the hymnal it wasn’t the right song. So I tried 704—maybe the digits got reversed? Nope. How about 497—because 9 is next to zero? Nada. Okay, I give up. I looked up […]

  • The Kind of Worshippers God Seeks

    Do we really know how to keep score?

  • Master of His Craft

    “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Abraham Lincoln Our youngest son washes dishes at an upscale restaurant in the city where he lives. The other night we took him out to dinner and I asked him, “How’s your dishwashing job going?” You could’ve heard a pin drop. “Dad, it’s not just dishwashing. I’m the […]

  • Life’s Not Fair. So Now What?

    Disheartening axioms that include no remedy are annoying.😫 Life’s not fair. So what should we do? Hold our noses and take it? Get liquored up and not care? Turn to a life of clandestine crime against the “bad guys?” None of these are healthy choices. Here’s an idea: since life’s not fair, make it fairer. […]

  • Broken Cookies

    “Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what He has made crooked?” – Ecclesiastes 7:13 (NIV) At my house growing up, I never wanted the broken cookies from the bottom of the jar. My younger brother and I had to be desperate before we’d eat them. But one of our older brothers held a […]

  • Skateboarders Welcome

    The young man was standing like a statue on the shoulder of a busy four lane highway. He appeared fixated on something at a church next to the road. Driving closer, I saw the skateboard. “Oh, I bet he’s looking for a good parking lot to ride.” But he took off –kicking his way down […]