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  • Lost Balloons

    Lost Balloons

    The fall our oldest son turned four, he enjoyed his first state fair. We walked the midway, road on a carousel, and shared a giant corn dog. The little guy’s eyes were wide with wonder! At some point, we came upon a man holding dozens of brightly colored helium balloons. Families were buying them up…

  • Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

    Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

    As an elementary music teacher, it’s a joy taking my students to sing at nursing homes. The picture above captures a boy (age 5) bonding with a woman (age 95). The two became fast friends, back in 2015, and were featured in our local newspaper under the headline, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.” Praise be to…

  • Making Ripples

    Making Ripples

    Imagine a still lake-smooth as glass. Someone throws a pebble into the water and then someone else does. Soon, the ripples get mixed up together. What happens when our ripples intersect? We make little waves, that’s what–hopefully for the good. Kindness and compassion always have a ripple effect. Jo-The Quiet Roarer, from Quietly Roaring In…