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  • Leaves By the Door

    Leaves By the Door

    The custodians at the elementary school where I teach are currently battling leaves. The fallen foliage is on the outside, but it keeps coming in the building—thanks to the ever present Oklahoma wind. At the end of the day, the hallway near pre-kindergarten parent pick up looks like this. Our little leaf litter problem even […]

  • Not So Good to the Last Drop

    Not So Good to the Last Drop

    When life springs a leak.

  • Willful Blindness

    I’ll just pretend I didn’t see that.

  • Selective Listening

    Can you hear me now, God?

  • Weeds


    It happens every spring, intruders invade my lawn. Hardy weeds with sinister names like, Bullnettle and Prickly Lettuce, and ones with cute names, like Chickweed and Goosegrass, try to choke out my beautiful Bermuda. Enter, the Weed Sheriff. That’s me. You’ve got to stop the trespassers before they go to seed and make those little […]

  • The Holy North Face

    The Holy North Face

    Have you heard the one about the guy who washed his hands too much during the pandemic? Repentance is like that. Cleansing of sin reveals answers from God A church where I once served held a unique series of revival meetings. Our pastor called it a “solemn assembly.” One like good king Jehosophat proclaimed for […]