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  • The Lord is My Shepherd–Kinda Sorta

    The Lord is My Shepherd–Kinda Sorta

    confessions of a former far away follower

  • Think Big, but Start Small

    Think Big, but Start Small

    On little beginnings.

  • Too Many Snaps

    Too Many Snaps

    A few Saturdays ago, Nancy and I visited a local farmer’s market. There wasn’t much produce to speak of, this late in the year, but I was delighted to find someone shelling black-eyed peas! Instantly, I went back to my boyhood, sitting on a farmhouse porch with my grandmother. We both had a bucket of […]

  • Wakey Wake, Cupcake

    It used to annoy me when my laptop kept telling me it needed a software update or virus scan or some other preventative maintenance. Ask me later, I clicked on the screen: “Can’t you see I’m busy?” But then, the inevitable happened. I got a computer virus that wiped out my entire hard drive. Important […]

  • The Best Job Ever

    The Best Job Ever

    Good Bosses are Best.

  • What Following Jesus is Actually About

    One of our summer school classes recently enjoyed a game day. I walked in to see students playing checkers, Sorry! and other favorites. Several kids were circled up on the floor playing Go Fish, a much-loved card game from my youth. I watched them for a few minutes. But it only took a few seconds […]