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  • Leaves By the Door

    Leaves By the Door

    The custodians at the elementary school where I teach are currently battling leaves. The fallen foliage is on the outside, but it keeps coming in the building—thanks to the ever present Oklahoma wind. At the end of the day, the hallway near pre-kindergarten parent pick up looks like this. Our little leaf litter problem even […]

  • Remember to Forget

    Remember to Forget

    The first morning back to school, after winter break, one of my students told me the good news: “Mr. Duncan, while we were gone I lost three teeth!” The 5th grader explained how she wiggled and wiggled until each loose tooth came out. Of course she saved them for the tooth fairy, who now pays […]

  • Being Part of the Team

    Being Part of the Team

    I once was on a little league baseball team. Apparently, I was the only one who didn’t know it. There’s even an old picture to prove it. I’m standing on the front row– uniform tucked in, with team logo half showing. The bright blue cleats I’m wearing rarely ran around the bases, but they were […]

  • Dog Gone It!

    We have a dog in our neighborhood that’s a fence jumper. Every so often, even with the gate shut, he magically appears in the backyard. He’s friendly enough, but we worry what might happen if he gets in when our little dog is out. We thought we had the problem solved. Our super-athletic trespasser liked […]

  • Warming Up to Thanks

    Despite recent renovations to our almost 90 year old church building, there was no heat for worship service yesterday morning. The temperature outside was 23 degrees Fahrenheit. It wasn’t that big of a deal; everyone simply kept their coats on. Except for one brother from Northern Germany who was comfortable in his short sleeves. 😀🏝 […]

  • Please Read if You’re From Earth

    A few weeks ago I shared in a post, Kid Shoes, how I love to joke with young children at my school. It’s fun, for instance, to ask four-year- olds if I can try on their shoes. The look on little faces, as they consider this request, is priceless. However, if I ask an eight-year-old […]