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  • God Doesn’t Break Toys

    God Doesn’t Break Toys

    The young boy in my music class pounded the tambourine on the floor. This was after I’d demonstrated to everyone how to properly play our classroom instruments. Visibly frustrated, I confiscated the instrument and commented (in jest): “If you break this tambourine, I’m coming to your house and breaking one of your toys.” The offender […]

  • Into the Deep

    Into the Deep

    The prayer room at my seminary dorm was small: just two comfy chairs and a little table framed by a window. A wooden box with a hinged lid sat on the table—a place for people to leave prayer requests on the cards provided. Each card had space at the bottom where you could tell the […]

  • The Sky is Probably NOT Falling

    “Whoever seeks good finds favor, but evil comes to one who searches for it.” Proverbs 11:27 In the early 1990’s, social psychologist Roy Baumeister began exploring the negativity bias–the widely accepted belief that bad has a stronger impact on people than good. His team conducted extensive research, hoping to find situations where a single positive […]