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  • Anxiety + Resiliency = “Anxiliency”

    Anxiety + Resiliency = “Anxiliency”

    “You help someone by telling them your story,” says my blogger friend Mitch Teemley. Okay, that’s not a direct quote, but it sums up his purpose in story telling–I think. Since I linked back to his site, maybe he’ll chime in.🤞 My story goes like this: at times I’ve been like a leafless tree, watching…

  • Night Song

    Night Song

    We have a new friend in our neighborhood; he’s a mockingbird who likes to sing at night. And when I say night, I mean in the wee hours of the morning.😳 ▶️ 1:26 AM: Our fourteen year old diabetic schnauzer wakes me up to go outside. “Casanova” (the Mockingbird) sits in the top of our…

  • Paws and Reflect

    Paws and Reflect

    The adventures of a dog who followed Jesus.

  • Kazoo Snafu

    Kazoo Snafu

    Yesterday was the day: I finally felt brave enough to pass out kazoos to my kindergarten music students. “We’ve been in school for almost six months,” I reassured myself. “Surely, they’re ready.” First, a thorough demonstration was in order. I took out a kazoo and showed the children what happens when you simply blow into…

  • Peace by Piece

    Peace by Piece

    For three years, Matsuko longed to return to the farm, near Salinas, California, where her husband Hayato’s family had grown strawberries for three generations. It was home. During the Second World War, she and her family were among the many Japanese Americans forcibly interred in camps. Finally, the war ended and the Nakamura family returned.…

  • Just Beyond the Gate

    Just Beyond the Gate

    I heard them the moment I opened the back door at 3 am. Our geriatric schnauzer scurried to his favorite spot for a potty break, but I hesitated. It was a whole pack of coyotes, yipping and howling, seemingly just on the other side of our six foot privacy fence. Using an exposed board as…