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  • Shadows of Joy

    Shadows of Joy

    Something amazing happened at our house two days ago. We opened the blinds on our front door to let some sunshine in. No, that’s not the amazing part, though we are rarely home during the day to do this. I’m sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a mid morning cup of coffee when Nancy says,…

  • Peace by Piece

    Peace by Piece

    For three years, Matsuko longed to return to the farm, near Salinas, California, where her husband Hayato’s family had grown strawberries for three generations. It was home. During the Second World War, she and her family were among the many Japanese Americans forcibly interred in camps. Finally, the war ended and the Nakamura family returned.…

  • Too Many Coats

    Too Many Coats

    When the weather starts to turn cold it happens –the students at my elementary school start losing their coats and hoodies. Most of the time it’s innocent enough; kids get too hot on the playground, or in the gym, and the coats come off. Sometimes they remember to pick them up. Sometimes they don’t. The…

  • Playing “Pop Up”

    Playing “Pop Up”

    Dealing with life’s little interruptions.

  • Majoring on the Minors

    Is it THAT big of a deal?

  • The “answer”

    I couldn’t sleep the other night. So I turned on the living room television, but found mostly infomercials. Some guy with a mullet and a bow tie hoped to sell me, “The Answer.” “Yes! For just two easy payments of $39.95, you can possess the greatest wealth building secrets of all time–conveniently printed on three…