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  • Paws and Reflect (3): Jesus Talks to His Dad

    Paws and Reflect (3): Jesus Talks to His Dad

    The (continuing) adventures of a dog who followed Jesus.

  • Night Song

    Night Song

    We have a new friend in our neighborhood; he’s a mockingbird who likes to sing at night. And when I say night, I mean in the wee hours of the morning.😳 ▶️ 1:26 AM: Our fourteen year old diabetic schnauzer wakes me up to go outside. “Casanova” (the Mockingbird) sits in the top of our…

  • Pray and Fast or Praying Fast?

    Pray and Fast or Praying Fast?

    The sleek sports car in front of me had a novel personalized license plate: PRYNFST. As a Christian, I immediately took this as an exhortation to pray and fast. After all, Jesus told His disciples this was a source of great spiritual power (Mark 9:29). Ultimately, I think the Corvette driver meant he was “praying…

  • Lord, Let Your Light Shine!

    Lord, Let Your Light Shine!

    Even a casual Christian glance at the state of our world today can cause despair. I find myself asking, along with King David, “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3 (NIV) You can tell by my title where this is headed. The Psalmist answers his own question soon enough:…

  • Notifications Silenced

    Notifications Silenced

    I expected an important call earlier this week, so I turned my phone off vibrate. The call came and went. Later, that same day, I kept hearing a peculiar sound: “Buh-ding!” What’s that and where’s it coming from? It was my phone telling me I had a message. I hear it so seldom I didn’t…

  • Safe Prayers are Dangerous

    With thanks to God and Gary Fultz.