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  • Showing the Whole Picture

    Showing the Whole Picture

    Have you ever experienced something that hit so close to home you found yourself saying, “That’s me.” This happened last week when I read a post by Sandrah, at OneMunchingMama. Her masterful piece, A Part of the Picture describes how we often show others only the parts of our life we want them to see. […]

  • Virtual Teacher Bootcamp

    With school about to start this fall–both in person and virtually–I recently attended our district’s Virtual Teacher Bootcamp. Frankly, like many who arrive at anything called a ‘boot-camp,’ I wasn’t entirely prepared for the experience. Day One: First thing out of gate, the drill instructor (technology teacher) handed each of us an iPad. “This is […]

  • The Terrifying Toad

    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13 It’s baby toad season here at my GPS location. Dozens of them have taken over the yard: hopping around when I water the flowers, jumping into the house through opened doors. The other day, my wife and I stopped by a local nursery […]