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  • Wakey Wake, Cupcake

    It used to annoy me when my laptop kept telling me it needed a software update or virus scan or some other preventative maintenance. Ask me later, I clicked on the screen: “Can’t you see I’m busy?” But then, the inevitable happened. I got a computer virus that wiped out my entire hard drive. Important […]

  • Open to Be Broken

    Picture a younger man standing on the church steps with an older man. He’s a new believer, while the grey haired guy has followed Christ for many years. “How do I grow in God?” you overhear the young man say. And the older man says, “Son, there’s only one way.” “Are you open to be […]

  • A Good Strategy for Healthy Living

    I was on a flight this past week and started exploring the seat back pocket in front of me. Yeah, I’m THAT kind of guy. I inspected the folding laminated card—the one with all the pictures of the plane—just in case something changed. Who knows, maybe they added what to do if a UFO pulls […]

  • Not So Good to the Last Drop

    Not So Good to the Last Drop

    When life springs a leak.

  • Hearing God in the Stillness

    Hearing God in the Stillness

    The chapel where my wife and I attend worship was built in 1935. Constructed in the Neo-gothic style, it resembles a smaller version of a Western European cathedral. And like any old building, it has a unique personality. As a musician, I used to enjoy the quirky sounds our little chapel made. The creaky floor […]

  • Willful Blindness

    I’ll just pretend I didn’t see that.