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  • Just Beyond the Gate

    Just Beyond the Gate

    I heard them the moment I opened the back door at 3 am. Our geriatric schnauzer scurried to his favorite spot for a potty break, but I hesitated. It was a whole pack of coyotes, yipping and howling, seemingly just on the other side of our six foot privacy fence. Using an exposed board as…

  • What Was That Again?

    What Was That Again?

    Have you ever misread the message on a tee shirt or bumper sticker? The fancy name for this is malapropism–when an incorrect word is used in a sentence that sounds like the correct word but means something completely different. A couple of months back, tensions boiled over at my workplace. I will shamelessly put a…

  • When the Devil Plays Chess

    When the Devil Plays Chess

    Alan, from Devotional Treasures, recently posted about spiritual warfare in a piece called Satan Our Accuser. My brother in Christ from the Kingdom of Fife (Scotland) reminds us how spiritual warfare often follows high points in the Christian life. There are several Bible stories which illustrate this. Remember Elijah‚Äôs discouragement after defeating the prophets of…

  • The Power of Fellowship

    The Power of Fellowship

    All of us is stronger than any one of us.