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  • Showing the Whole Picture

    Showing the Whole Picture

    Have you ever experienced something that hit so close to home you found yourself saying, “That’s me.” This happened last week when I read a post by Sandrah, at OneMunchingMama. Her masterful piece, A Part of the Picture describes how we often show others only the parts of our life we want them to see. […]

  • Fears in the Ears

    Fears in the Ears

    It started innocently enough. Friends and family began to mumble in everyday conversation. It got harder to understand them, especially if there was any background noise. “What’s going on?” I thought to myself. “Doesn’t anyone speak clearly these days?!” Around this same time, I had a telephone conversation with my oldest son. I’m sitting on […]

  • Playing “Pop Up”

    Playing “Pop Up”

    Dealing with life’s little interruptions.

  • Helping Others Find Their Wings

    Helping Others Find Their Wings

    One mid-week, the airport terminal was almost empty. Yet there he stood: an older gentleman staring at the TSA check point like a deer in the headlights. Hoping to encourage, without embarrassing him, I said to my wife, “This way, sweetheart?”as I started through the roped off maze. The man followed. So far so good. […]

  • Not So Good to the Last Drop

    Not So Good to the Last Drop

    When life springs a leak.

  • Lord, Raise the Gates!

    Lord, Raise the Gates!

    A fire sprinkler head broke the other day in the ceiling of a gymnasium at my school. Water came pouring down, soaking the gym floor and flooding an adjacent hallway. Somehow, the break tripped the fire alarm, causing two huge metal doors to come down on either end of a long hallway. The main wing […]