Turning on a Dime

My wife and I were out for a walk yesterday. It was a bright, early morning. Suddenly, my better half stopped, turned around and pointed down at something shining on the pavement.

A dime! I reached down to pick it up, but it wouldn’t budge; the hot sun, and perhaps a passing car, had fused it to the asphalt. No worries, most men of my generation carry just the tool for such a situation.

I took out my trusty pocket knife and pried the picture of our 32nd president from the pavement’s syrupy grasp. Check out a close up of the crater it left behind!

The face of FDR–that’s Franklin Delano Roosevelt–was relatively unscatched, but the flipside of the coin (the pavement down part) looked pretty icky.

Certainly not fit for a vending machine!

Again, no fear. Most self-respecting males, of legal age, have a secret solvent on the shelf. A few applications and a little elbow grease, and the dime was as good as new!

I’ve been friends with God since 1977. The journey began at the age of nine– when I received Christ as my Savior –but there have been many sticking points along the way. God has pried me from the pavement, cleaned off the ick, and put me back on the right path many times. As it turns out, he has a secret solvent too.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9

It was during one of my polishing sessions, that the following thought came to me via the Holy Spirit:

Worship is repentance.

Worshipping God in Spirit and Truth means recognizing who He is, who we are and realizing the difference. Real worship is a clean heart recommitted to Christ.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Psalm 51:10

By His grace I have turned on a dime many times.

What’s your story?






25 responses to “Turning on a Dime”

  1. Wilfredo Bales Avatar

    thanks to the author for taking his clock time on this one.


  2. davidsdailydose Avatar

    You’re welcome, BG. If we want mercy from God, we should show mercy to others. Well said. Blessings


  3. BG Avatar

    Oh but for the grace of God there go I. It is important to remember this for ourselves and others. We want mercy for getting into sticky situations. Then, show mercy to others. Thanks friend!

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  4. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you. God Bless.

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  5. benjbensing Avatar

    Awesome post! Im greatly encouraged.

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  6. Bible blogger Avatar

    Thanks for noticing that. I appreciate your valuable time and posts. Keep up the great work you are doing.

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  7. Bible blogger Avatar

    Take your time. No hurries. I appreciate your valuable time and posts. Keep up the great work you are doing.


  8. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you! I appreciate your liking and commenting. I notice you also followed my blog. I will check yours out as well. Blessings.


  9. Bible blogger Avatar

    Wow. It’s an amazing post. I enjoyed reading it. You have written it so well that it captured my attention. Thanks ☺️👍

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  10. davidsdailydose Avatar

    You’re welcome, Maria. Thank you for reading and commenting. God Bless you too.


  11. Marie Avatar

    We all have our “turn on a dime” moments don’t we? When I look at the crater left behind and see how most of the syrupy “ick” is left with it, I can imagine Abba prying me off the pavement leaving most of the “ick’ behind. I can imagine Him cleansing me with words of love and encouragement as He sets me back on the right path. Thank you so much for sharing such encouraging words! God bless!

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  12. Island Traveler Avatar

    We find hope, joy , love, faith wherever , even the places, people and moments we least expect. Same here, keep sharing God’s words through you. We need it…badly. For now, back to riding the coaster ride ….stay safe & God bless.


  13. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Amen. Well spoken. I enjoy your blog, because it is often filled with such praise.


  14. davidsdailydose Avatar

    You are too kind. I wrote this post over a month ago during a tranquil time. Since then, my roller coaster has taken a few loops and gone down some big hills.
    I, too have regrets over the past. All we can do is trust God and keep living.
    God Bless you, brother.
    Keep sharing those ocean views; this guy finds them pretty therapeutic!

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  15. ropheka Avatar

    Worship is singing songs of joy love and admiration to Him who we place above all others because of His divine love for us

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  16. Island Traveler Avatar

    I’m still a Dime being worked on and polished , just don’t have a clue the timeline . Your journey with God inspires me. I’m more hard headed, my human emotions gets the best of me. Instead of letting go and letting God, I dwell on past pain and heartbreaks . I do pray for them, to forgive truly and change for the better. Thanks David. We all have our gifts, and you shared them beautifully here. 🙏 Stay safe and God bless.

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  17. Vivian Avatar


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  18. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you,Manu. I like the fact that we can come back to God for cleansing—again and again. Blessings

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  19. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thanks, Pete. Perhaps this post and the one last week (about repenting over a period of time) are like bookends. Blessings.


  20. Perth Girl Avatar

    I echo Sally’s thoughts here David. Loved the analogy you used and it is important for us to take time to reflect on how we are going and the area we can do better.

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  21. pastorpete51 Avatar

    I have sometimes suspected people glue these down just for fun and then enjoy watching folks like you and me try to pick them up! Nice story…love the photos!

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  22. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, Sally. I appreciate your reading and commenting. Checking in with God often is a vital parr of the Christian walk. God Bless.

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  23. Sally Avatar

    Hi David !
    This is a great analogy of how God picks us up and polishes us.
    This was really encouraging to read.
    I find too, that I need daily spiritual ‘polishing’, because, as we know, human nature gravitates so easily towards sin.
    In the evenings, I spend time with the Lord to review my day. I thank him for my blessings, but also confess to him areas in which I have failed.
    He is always quick to forgive and restore.

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  24. Carey Cambron Avatar
    Carey Cambron


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  25. robideauxrich@gmail.com Avatar

    You are spot on David. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your “daily dose.”

    Sent from Rich


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