Month: March 2021

  • The Spider on the Rim

    Shuffling into the kitchen early one morning, bleary-eyed and half awake, I reached for my favorite cereal bowl. In went the Cheerios and milk, and I sat down for my daily devotional time. Reading and eating is one of my favorite things. But today I was in for a shock. Two bites in I saw […]

  • Life’s Not Fair. So Now What?

    Disheartening axioms that include no remedy are annoying.😫 Life’s not fair. So what should we do? Hold our noses and take it? Get liquored up and not care? Turn to a life of clandestine crime against the “bad guys?” None of these are healthy choices. Here’s an idea: since life’s not fair, make it fairer. […]

  • Broken Cookies

    “Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what He has made crooked?” – Ecclesiastes 7:13 (NIV) At my house growing up, I never wanted the broken cookies from the bottom of the jar. My younger brother and I had to be desperate before we’d eat them. But one of our older brothers held a […]

  • Skateboarders Welcome

    The young man was standing like a statue on the shoulder of a busy four lane highway. He appeared fixated on something at a church next to the road. Driving closer, I saw the skateboard. “Oh, I bet he’s looking for a good parking lot to ride.” But he took off –kicking his way down […]

  • “Redeem” For Five Minute Friday

    When I hear the word redeem, I immediately think of all the coupons I have lying around the house. At some point I thought they could be useful. “Hey! This is for one dollar off my favorite popcorn!” But, almost without fail, I forget about them and they expire. I find them later, crumpled up […]

  • Lord, Raise the Gates!

    Lord, Raise the Gates!

    A fire sprinkler head broke the other day in the ceiling of a gymnasium at my school. Water came pouring down, soaking the gym floor and flooding an adjacent hallway. Somehow, the break tripped the fire alarm, causing two huge metal doors to come down on either end of a long hallway. The main wing […]