Month: July 2021

  • Willful Blindness

    I’ll just pretend I didn’t see that.

  • Stop the Bleed

    During an assembly at my school, a kindergartener developed a nose bleed. Her teacher grabbed a super-absorbent piece of gauze and helped the child hold it over her nose. A few minutes later, the adult let go and the youngster was instructed to, “Keep holding your nose.” But six year old’s are SO curious; the…

  • Fishing for Souls

    Fishing for Souls

    Bait casting with Jesus.

  • Close, But Not Quite

    According to our church bulletin yesterday, the first hymn was #407, How Firm a Foundation. But when I turned to that number in the hymnal it wasn’t the right song. So I tried 704—maybe the digits got reversed? Nope. How about 497—because 9 is next to zero? Nada. Okay, I give up. I looked up…

  • Repurposed

    The road back from life trauma isn’t always rosy.

  • Selective Listening

    Can you hear me now, God?