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Four Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

I started blogging in 2018 after someone at my work complained: “David is sending Bible verses through the email.” Oh gasp! It was simply uplifting thoughts, from a Christian perspective, I sent to members of our faculty prayer group.

Rather than plant the Christian flag and fight for my religious rights, I decided to make davidsdailydose its own dedicated site. Four years, and many blogging friends later, here’s the top four things I’ve learned:

4. Choose Your Post Titles Carefully

A good post title draws readers in, making them want to know more about your topic. My friend from Colorado, God Still Speaks offers some great advice: limit your post title to six words.

For example, a post about how God is always working for the good of His children (Romans 8:28) could be entitled, “His Favor Will Find You.”

Also, another blogger (sorry, I forgot who) suggests it’s often best to choose your catchy title after you write a post. This way, the right welcome mat is laid out for your readers

3. Be Consist with What, and When you Post

Many readers appreciate knowing the flavor of your posts will be consistent. People don’t like surprises–unless they’re good ones. For example, if a travel blogger posts an occasional political rant it will likely turn off (at least some) of their followers.

In the same fashion, it’s also important to have a reliable posting schedule. Followers look forward to hearing from you in a predictable manner. My friend, Chris Thelen, from 140 Character Christian excels at this; his posts appear like clock work in my feed. Chris also shares his posting schedule-what and when–for each month. In other words, he makes himself easy to follow.

2. Prepare for Trolls

Most folks in the blogosphere are genuinely interested in your content. That’s why they follow you. However, there are a few readers and commenters who just want to make trouble. If you haven’t already encountered a troll on your site, trust me, you will.

One way to deal with this is to create a community comment policy for your blog. Mine is in the “About Me” section of my site, and at the end of every post. This doesn’t need to be a lengthy document, it’s simply a way to let your readers know where you draw the line on comment content. My policy consists of three simple questions–with brief explanations: “Is it respectful?, Is it reasonable?, Is it responsible?” If not, I reserve the right to not publish the comment.

1. Tell a Story

My other Word Press friend named Chris is the master of this. Every post on Devotions by Chris starts with a brief story, followed by a biblical application. As another master story teller, Mitch Teemley likes to say, “Everything Starts with a Story.”

So, whatever your blogging niche, begin your post with a story, and then make an application to everyday life. It will keep more readers with you, right to the powerful conclusion of your post. Guaranteed.

Speaking of consistency, this post is not one of my typical offerings. I promise to be back to my modern-day-parables-in-the-life-story-niche next Saturday at 6 AM (CST).

Thank you for reading. 🙏❤️ prayers and love.

PS. If you have blogging tips to add to the discussion, I’d love to hear them.

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I'm just a regular guy who was
tempted to lose all hope but did not. It was God who made the difference.

51 replies on “Four Things I’ve Learned About Blogging”

Writing steadily sounds like a good place to start! I’ve never really determined my “what” or as you say “flavor” to my blog. I notice that most of the blogs I read have a continuous thread. That’s something I’ve asked the Lord to show me.

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It’s not always easy to keep a schedule going. Sometimes I get to Friday night, or even Saturday morning, and have nothing ready. The key, for me, is to write steadily but post sparingly.

Thank you for stopping by, Deborah. I enjoyed your recent series on depression. I’d love to hear more about your strategy for healthy living. God Bless!

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you’ve just reminded me to repost our schedule.

i did actually do it…………maybe a year ago, and quite a bit has changed since then!

i loved reading how your blog began…i’m wondering if there is something in that? erm…maybe not for me just now though.

thanks David

Andy B

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Thanks David for the tips! I definitely have fallen short on the title and consistency aspects.

Here for the learnings and interactions with other bloggers. Thank you!

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Thank you for sharing, Jo! When I first started, I posted almost every day for a month. That was the idea—davidsdailydose—a post every morning. But, once school started again, there was no way I could keep it up. So, my blog sat dormant until May 2020. However, since then I’ve been able to share weekly (most of the time). My point is, it’s still early in the game, Jo. Just keep writing, OK? You have a unique voice and style. 🙏The Lord Bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face to shine upon you, and give you peace. In Jesus’ name, AMEN

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Thank you for your input, ScribeLady. I find all your offerings to be purposeful and on point. I think setting up some rules (this is what I do and don’t) is important. One rule I have for myself is that I won’t get too preachy in my writing . However, sometimes I have to dial it back a bit. 😊

I enjoy your blog! God Bless.

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I certainly appreciate knowing I’ll see a new post from you each weekend David, which are always great to read! 🙂
Unfortunately I’m not consistent at all, as I tend to write only when the mood strikes me and I’m still trying to figure out where I fit in blog world too in terms of my eclectic content! Thanks for these tips!

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David, thanks for sharing these tips and the “history” of David’s Daily Dose. I am glad you didn’t give up sharing, but expanded the reach! 🙂

Originally I intended to post three days a week, however, I fall in and out of that schedule, mostly out.

Something that does work for me is having “rules” for me to follow as I post: my #1 rule is not to rant or rave, but try to be encouraging, give hope, or humor. My #2 rule is try to give people something worthwhile to think about. That’s why I repost some blog posts; I believe they are worth sharing.

One thing (among many) that I appreciate about blogging is that the blog is always a work in progress. The blogger can always start a new category, or learn more, tech-wise, or try to improve the blog.

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Thank you, Bridget. Like I mentioned to someone else, I’ve hesitated to do a post like this because it isn’t my usual content. However, I am grateful for what I’ve learned from other bloggers. For instance, you provide a great example of what consistent engagement with other bloggers looks like. I am grateful you stop by my little blog week to week. Blessings.

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I’m glad we connected, too, brother. I took an instant liking to your blog the first time I read it. I remember you already had over 1000 followers at the time. I said to myself, “I’m getting to know this Matt guy-some how, some way.” 😊

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Thank you for your encouraging thoughts, Beth. Yes, God used the complaint against me for a greater good. Had it not happened I would have just kept sending devotional thoughts to a few dozen fellow Christian teachers. I’ve met so many wonderful Christians here on a WP, and at least two really cool dogs. Hugs for Adi and Summer. 🐾🐾🐾🐾

PS. You, and your family, are some of the wonderful Christians I’ve met. God Bless!

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David, the description you’ve given your blog niche is spot on- “my modern-day-parables-in-the-life-story-niche.” There are so many things I appreciate about your blog- your commitment to the Word of God, the humility in which your write, your ability to write a story that brings laughter in one post and a tear in another , and your consistency (I know a David’s daily is coming Saturday and a Haiku on Sunday. I look forward to both.) On another note you nail number 4 each week. Your titles are great teasers that build anticipation as to what I’m going to read. I love that the enemy’s attempt to quiet your voice through a co-worker’s complaint led to the launching of your blog which has brought a broader audience for sharing the gospel and allows you to encourage a larger part of the body of Christ.

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I am glad we connected on WP. Good tips for other bloggers brother.
Interacting with other bloggers is a good way for a blog to grow, but with meaningful comments not spam or self promotion. You do very well at interacting.

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You are one of the “wise” and “teachable” bloggers I read David. Also very personable. You read and comment on others blogs and have a genuine relational approach on the web. That’s hard to do. It’s a balancing act. I am probably the least consistent in a posting schedule. Good counsel here.

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Thank you, Betty. Confession: despite my best efforts, some of my post titles are longer than necessary. I suppose short titles can be off-putting, as well. For instance, this one: “Let Me Tell You About My Grandchildren!”
However, I’ve always found your titles inviting. You are also very reliable with what and when you post and always, always optimistic and funny. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you and Dan have a wonderful holiday weekend. Wait, you’re both retired; every day is a holiday.😀

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Good tips, David! I like the idea of telling a story and then making an application to everyday life. This makes the post useful to a reader. While many of us write for ourselves, a goal for many of us is to be of some benefit to our readers. Now, regarding the title – I feel I fall short on this. I sometimes use too many words. Sometimes I come up with the cleverest of titles, but nobody gets it but me. 🙂 I will keep trying. Hope you enjoy the holiday weekend!

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Thanks for the shout out! I also agree about being reliable. I try to send out one post a week. I too have been blogging since 2018, and recently have been getting quite a few scam comments with links to nasty porn sites. I guess the devil does not like what I posting about him. Thankfully, I get to delete them before anyone else sees them. And what else did I learn from this post. That the word blog in Scrabble letters equals 9 points! Keep sending out our doses of your blog. They encourage and enlighten.

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