Kid Shoes

The pre-k and kindergarten students (at school) are my favorites. These little guys are such literal thinkers; and whatever they’re thinking is right on the surface. They also say the most amazing things!

One of my favorite pass times is to joke and laugh with my young friends. I playfully test their powers of deductive reasoning, which are still developing.

Me, to a four-year-old: “I love your shoes! May I borrow them sometime?” (I say this while putting my size 11 foot next to theirs).

I can see their “wheels turning” as they try to process my request. Most of them can’t quite come to the conclusion that I’m joking, but every now and then a little one does.

You would have to become a kid, Mr. Duncan!

Chad, four years old.

There’s a similar story, in three of the Gospels, when the disciples come to Jesus with a question: “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He calls a little child over and has him stand in their midst.

I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus, Matthew 18:3-4 (NIV)

Kind reader, if we want to follow Jesus–all the way to heaven–we’re gonna need some “kid shoes.” Are we humble enough to be big enough for the kingdom of God? I’m asking myself, too.

He must become greater; I must become less.

John the Baptist, John 3:30 (NIV)

Thank you for reading. 🙏❤️ prayers and love.

*I always fess up and tell the kids I’m joking about borrowing their shoes.

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36 responses to “Kid Shoes”

  1. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, Nancy. I try my best, with God’s help, to me a Professional Role Model to my students. Thank you for reading and sharing. God Bless!

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  2. Nancy Ruegg Avatar

    It warms my heart to hear the ways you interact with your students, David. So many children need a father-figure–someone to pay them a little extra attention, make them laugh, show they care. You no doubt are providing just that for these little ones!

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  3. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, Heidi. I appreciate your thoughts. It’s hard to imagine three teens in the house–again.😊


  4. Heidi Viars Avatar

    This is so beautifully put, David. With three teens in the house, it’s good to be reminded that “the powers of deductive reasoning” will one day return … hopefully 😬

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  5. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, brother Alan.
    By the way, I’m listening to “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy. We share a mutual love for classical music. 🎶☺️

    Walking that mile in another’s shoes—no matter the size—is often the first step toward greater understanding.

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  6. Alan Kearns Avatar

    I love how you illustrate our spiritual need to think simply like children. It reminded me of the saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, which has a spiritual application in how we should treat others. God bless you brother.

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  7. davidsdailydose Avatar

    I hadn’t thought about Jesus’ reaction. You’re right, Chris. He liked to turn things upside down on people, but for a good reason. Thank you for stopping by. God bless!

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  8. Chris Hendrix Avatar

    I wonder if Jesus enjoyed the look on the disciples faces while they tried to process this as much as you do talking to these kids. We’re all a little guilty of thinking too literally. As you mentioned, humility is key. “Are we humble enough to be big enough for the kingdom?” Great question.

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  9. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you for sharing, Manette Kay. My young friends have sent me back my Bible, and prayer room, before, too. Like the time one little boy told me, “God doesn’t break toys.”

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  10. musingsofmanettekay Avatar

    Three to five-year-olds are my favorite age too. They’re like little sponges soaking up every observation they make and word they hear. I spent many years with that energetic group while working for over a decade in daycare. I remember they would ask something causing me to dive deep into my Bible and theology. A great post, David.

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  11. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Yes he is! Of course, I used an assumed name. “Chad” is six years old now—the brainy kid could be reading my blog. 😀

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  12. Beth Alisan Avatar

    Chad sounds like he is one sharp cookie, David. Those words by John the Baptist always leave me so humbled. They were perfect explanation of how to put on “kids shoes.”

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  13. davidsdailydose Avatar

    I am grateful you enjoyed the post, Chris. Thank you for reading and commenting. 🙏May we both have the faith of a child. Stay Blessed!


  14. Chris G Thelen Avatar

    Thanks for another good post. Such a good analogy for childlike faith.

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  15. davidsdailydose Avatar

    It’s true! There’s a favorite song of mine called, 🎶”Thank God for Kids. ”🎶 One line says, “The closest thing to heaven is a child.”

    My parents were both educators in the public school system; that makes me a teacher’s kid. I vowed that I’d never be a teacher —because of it. Boy, was I wrong!
    I am grateful for your thoughts, Jo. God Bless!

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  16. The Quiet Roarer Avatar

    I love everything about this post! I have a son who teaches, and a daughter who works in early childhood education, and some of the things little kids say…🤣 (and teach us in the process!)

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  17. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thought of you while writing this one, Matt. We pull some of the same shenanigans with our students. Another favorite of mine is to catch them as they get out of the car in front of the school and say, “Can you tell me where Freedom elementary is?”

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  18. jesusluvsall Avatar

    Children are so fun to talk with. The 6 year old son of one of the Ukrainian families comes to my Saturday group. I ask him questions like- Can we eat a car? It’s fun to watch him laugh.

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  19. davidsdailydose Avatar

    So true, sister. Maybe we’re the ones who need to grow up. Thanks for sharing. God Bless!

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  20. God Still Speaks Avatar

    May we all be like little children and find the joy around us. I just love what comes out of kids mouths from their hearts! Such an attitude adjustment for us grownups!

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  21. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Pride is most certainly the root of many sins. You’re right about that Petrina! Thank you for reading and Commenting. Stay blessed!

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  22. davidsdailydose Avatar

    I hear you, Gary. Unexamined lives, especially from God’s perspective, are like the bridge collapse you talked about in a recent post—a little bit at a time, and then suddenly.

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  23. Petrina Avatar

    Kids can be so cute and innocent! 🙂Amen. Humility is so important and pride is a sin that other sins seem to originate from. Pride and unbelief. Thank you David, for this very important reminder! 🙏🏾

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  24. Gary Fultz Avatar

    I’ve been thinking along the same line lately David. Great illustration. We do trust our perceptions over God’s and human “experts”,

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  25. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, Bridget! I appreciate your thoughts! I hope you have a great weekend, too!

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  26. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Your student got a two-for-one deal! I hope you have a great weekend, too!

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  27. Crystal Byers Avatar

    Reminds me of the kid this week who raised his hand while I stood about one foot away from him.

    I said, “High five?” And we high fived. After a short awkward moment, I said, “Oh did you have a question?”

    We had a good laugh. Maybe you had to be there.

    Have a great weekend, David!

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  28. Bridget A. Thomas Avatar

    I love hearing your stories about the kids you teach. And I appreciate the way you find spiritual lessons and share them with us. This is such a great (and needed) reminder to put on those kid shoes. Thanks, David! Have a great weekend.

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  29. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you. I need all the reminders—concerning child like faith— I can get. Thank you for reading and commenting. God Bless!

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  30. davidsdailydose Avatar

    You’re most welcome. Working with young children does offer the fringe benefit of better understanding my relationship with God. Thanks for sharing!

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  31. An Audience of One Avatar
    An Audience of One

    What a great example of Matt. 18! Loved the post, as well as the reminder!

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  32. Don't Lose Hope Avatar

    I imagine that working with the age group (as well as being a source of many laughs) is a great help in understanding what it is like to be a child, with respect to our relationship with God. Thanks for sharing this.

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  33. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Agreed, Maggie Rae! I sometimes call my young friends “super sages” for the wise things they say. Their minds, for the most part, aren’t fogged over with adult concerns. Thank you for reading and commenting! God Bless.


  34. bymaggierae Avatar

    This post made me smile David. I am a Child Care educator, and I haven’t come home yet without something a child has said that has made me smile.

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  35. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, Mandy! As I wrote about working with my young friends I started to get emotional, because it’s really what God designed me to do. I teach children, and I help and encourage people. That’s my jam. But enough about me. I appreciate you stopping by today. God’s best to you and Nathan!

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  36. Blue Collar Theologian Avatar

    This was a good illustration! I am so glad God has gifted you to work with the little people!!!!

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