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  • Night Song

    Night Song

    We have a new friend in our neighborhood; he’s a mockingbird who likes to sing at night. And when I say night, I mean in the wee hours of the morning.😳 ▶️ 1:26 AM: Our fourteen year old diabetic schnauzer wakes me up to go outside. “Casanova” (the Mockingbird) sits in the top of our…

  • Famous Last Words

    Famous Last Words

    The setting: Christ’s final Passover with His closest friends. (The time has come to sacrifice his life as a ransom for many. He shows the full extent of His love.) Here’s how an epic Hollywood movie might have captured the moment: After supper, Jesus rises from his seat, unsheathes a gleaming sword, and says (holding…

  • Blurb for a Fellow Blogger (4)

    Blurb for a Fellow Blogger (4)

    I’m glad I bought a hard copy of Bridget Thomas’ third book, because I read it with a highlighter in one hand and my Bible in the other! Giving God Your Whole Heart begins with two questions: “Am I giving God my whole heart?,” and “Who do I want to be?” Bridget answers these, in…

  • When the Cows Come Home

    When the Cows Come Home

    On returning to God.

  • Blurb for a Fellow Blogger (3)

    Blurb for a Fellow Blogger (3)

    If you’re on the look out for a devotional collection that plants a scriptural seed and provides the water and fertilizer too, this is it! Here’s a second excellent book, by my blogger friend Bridget Thomas, that contains thirty short chapters, each dedicated to a different facet of the believer’s identity in Christ. A key…

  • Kazoo Snafu

    Kazoo Snafu

    Yesterday was the day: I finally felt brave enough to pass out kazoos to my kindergarten music students. “We’ve been in school for almost six months,” I reassured myself. “Surely, they’re ready.” First, a thorough demonstration was in order. I took out a kazoo and showed the children what happens when you simply blow into…