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  • A Blurb for a Fellow Blogger

    A Blurb for a Fellow Blogger

    Quick, think of a self-published book you’ve recently read that was stellar. Yes, I’m counting on one hand, too.😵‍💫 My blogger friend Bridget A. Thomas succeeds here where many others fall short, because she keeps a laser like focus on her subject—growing in gratitude. Each of the 30 daily readings is brief and to the…

  • Shadows of Joy

    Shadows of Joy

    Something amazing happened at our house two days ago. We opened the blinds on our front door to let some sunshine in. No, that’s not the amazing part, though we are rarely home during the day to do this. I’m sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a mid morning cup of coffee when Nancy says,…

  • God Doesn’t Break Toys

    God Doesn’t Break Toys

    The young boy in my music class pounded the tambourine on the floor. This was after I’d demonstrated to everyone how to properly play our classroom instruments. Visibly frustrated, I confiscated the instrument and commented (in jest): “If you break this tambourine, I’m coming to your house and breaking one of your toys.” The offender…

  • The Frozen Heart Softener

    The Frozen Heart Softener

    “See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness.”–Jesus, Luke 11:35

  • Helping Others Find Their Wings

    Helping Others Find Their Wings

    One mid-week, the airport terminal was almost empty. Yet there he stood: an older gentleman staring at the TSA check point like a deer in the headlights. Hoping to encourage, without embarrassing him, I said to my wife, “This way, sweetheart?”as I started through the roped off maze. The man followed. So far so good.…

  • A Good Strategy for Healthy Living

    I was on a flight this past week and started exploring the seat back pocket in front of me. Yeah, I’m THAT kind of guy. I inspected the folding laminated card—the one with all the pictures of the plane—just in case something changed. Who knows, maybe they added what to do if a UFO pulls…