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  • The Lord is My Shepherd–Kinda Sorta

    The Lord is My Shepherd–Kinda Sorta

    confessions of a former far away follower

  • Slippery When Happy

    Slippery When Happy

    It was the fall of 2007, and many of my friends were upgrading to a new Apple device called the iPhone. I marveled at the 3.5′ multi-touch screen and the little square icons called apps. Suddenly, my Motorola flip phone seemed out-of-date. A few years later, someone in the waiting room at my doctor’s office […]

  • Shadows of Joy

    Shadows of Joy

    Something amazing happened at our house two days ago. We opened the blinds on our front door to let some sunshine in. No, that’s not the amazing part, though we are rarely home during the day to do this. I’m sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a mid morning cup of coffee when Nancy says, […]

  • Mission Possible

    Mission Possible

    I once read a story about two tribes who inhabited a remote island. The ocean tribe were fishermen who stayed close to the beaches, but the mountain tribe lived high above the forest blanketing much of the island. These two people groups had little contact with each other; there was much fear and distrust between […]

  • Something From Ronnie

    Something From Ronnie

    Our former pastor and his wife have an adult son with special needs. One of Ronnie’s favorite things, especially around his birthday or at Christmas time, is to check the mailbox at the end of the driveway. Knowing this, I decided to set up a Christmas card “event” for him. So, after getting his dad’s […]

  • Turning the Key

    I am intrigued with something Deborah Marie wrote on her blog, Great is God’s Faithfulness. The title of the post was, The Key to Life, and it was all about the choice set before God’s people in Deuteronomy 30:19-20. Moses challenged them to love, obey and commit totally to God–to choose life over death and […]