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  • A Blurb for a Fellow Blogger

    A Blurb for a Fellow Blogger

    Quick, think of a self-published book you’ve recently read that was stellar. Yes, I’m counting on one hand, too.😵‍💫 My blogger friend Bridget A. Thomas succeeds here where many others fall short, because she keeps a laser like focus on her subject—growing in gratitude. Each of the 30 daily readings is brief and to the…

  • Gratitude on a Sliding Scale

    Gratitude on a Sliding Scale

    You may have noticed I’ve been posting every day this week, leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. Well, despite the name of my site, I’ve rediscovered sharing daily is no easy task! Hat’s off to my excellent blogger friends out there who regularly do this. Kind reader, I’m fresh out of…