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  • The Proof is in the Putting

    The Proof is in the Putting

    Visitors to Union Square in Manhattan, New York City are likely to encounter the street performer, Matthew Silver. Described by one YouTube contributor as, “A guy who runs around NYC in his underwear saying and doing radical things,” Matthew paints himself as a, “Cosmic trickster opening up the love portal to show us we are […]

  • On the Other Hand

    I was walking away from the pantry one evening with a handful of roasted cashews, when our Schnauzer barked to go outside. Turning around, snack still in my right hand, I grabbed a few kibbles of dog food with my left. Once we were both on the half dark porch, I popped my favorite snack […]

  • Slow Down to Get Around

    The other day I got stuck in the slow lane behind a garbage truck. Even with the air on recirculate, I could smell the contents of a McDonald’s dumpster. “Well, this stinks,” I said through clenched teeth.😬 Finally, I was able to slide over into the fast lane, only to get caught by a red […]

  • Not So Good to the Last Drop

    Not So Good to the Last Drop

    When life springs a leak.

  • Circle Back

    Circle Back

    Because life isn’t always a straight line.

  • Context Lenses

    Context Lenses

    A lesson in focus.