Month: August 2021

  • The Power of Suggestion

    Last week one of my kindergarten music classes played rhythm sticks. I came down the rows afterwards giving each child a squirt of hand sanitizer. One little guy asked, “Is that hypnotizer?” I immediately realized what happened: he substituted a word he’d heard for a term he hadn’t yet mastered. With a chuckle, I told […]

  • Teddy Bear Out The Window

    My wife and I were driving to church one Sunday morning, when there he was: a big brown teddy bear—lying face up on the shoulder of the interstate. Both of us agreed there must be a story behind this seemingly lost friend, one that involved a heartbroken little person. It’s interesting how we develop emotional […]

  • Heaven. This Isn’t It!

    The year I turned fifteen, my dad took my older brother and me on a fishing trip to Mexico. But first we had to get to my uncle Bill’s house in Alamogordo, New Mexico. From there we would fly south of the border in his Cessna. I was reared on the Great Plains of the […]

  • Illusions of Fairness

    The flip side of getting one’s own way.

  • God’s Love is Stronger

    As he drove up the ramp to a tall bridge, Dave was at an all-time low. Hopelessness and despair filled the car like a gloomy haze, fogging over his brittle mind. * “Why don’t you just pull over at the top and jump?” said an unreliable voice in his head. Dave turned on the radio […]

  • What Following Jesus is Actually About

    One of our summer school classes recently enjoyed a game day. I walked in to see students playing checkers, Sorry! and other favorites. Several kids were circled up on the floor playing Go Fish, a much-loved card game from my youth. I watched them for a few minutes. But it only took a few seconds […]