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God Wants to Be Found

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I couldn’t have been more than five years old. And my two older brothers were the coolest people on the planet! Wherever they went, I tried to go too–much to their annoyance.

When the older boys from the neighborhood came over to our house, naturally, I wanted to play too. One time in particular, I remember my oldest brother said, “Let’s play hide and seek, David. You’re it!”

I closed my eyes and counted to 100. “Ready or not, here I come!” But when I went looking for everyone they had disappeared. Years later I learned my brothers and their buddies simply ran down the street to another friend’s house. It wasn’t hide and seek. They didn’t want to be found.

Chris Hendrix, from devotionsbychris shared a great post recently entitled Prioritize Seeking God. Here’s the part that inspired my post today:

God wants to be found. To be sought after, but we have to get past all the distractions around us in order to do it.

Chris Hendrix

As I read these words I thought, “We either seek God or we don’t.” There are no “sorta” seekers.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV)

Kind reader, is seeking God merely a hobby or a holy necessity? The answer is an either or statement, not a both and.

He who created us without our help will not save us without our consent.

Saint Augustine

Thank you for reading. 🙏❤️ prayers and love.

By davidsdailydose

I'm just a regular guy who was
tempted to lose all hope but did not. It was God who made the difference.

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You’ve brought up another great point altogether, Nancy. Not only does God want to be found, He actually seeks us out too! I enjoyed the excerpt from the poem. I will go find the whole thing online and read it. Thank you for sharing! God Bless.

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You’ve reminded me of Francis Thompson’s poem, “Hound of Heaven,” in which he wrote, “I fled Him down the nights and down the days, I fled Him down the arches of the years . . . those strong Feet that followed, followed after but with unhurrying chase and unperturbed pace.” Praise God he seeks after US with unrelenting tenacity and love!

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He does want to be found. It makes sense. We all want to be known for who we really are, not what others want or expect us to be. There are a lot of ideas out there about who God is, but only the Bible reveals the truth of who He truly is. ❤

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Hi David, we are getting ready to head to Edinburgh soon…the sooner the better for finding a parking space. Last night was everyone’s favourite meal from our local Chinese restaurant with a lovely chocolate gateau (which has some left yet, yummy).
God bless you and yours today brother.

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Yes, God is a certified advance planner, brother! I’d never thought about quite like that, but you are right. Your thoughts remind me of of my favorite verses in the New Testament: Ephesians 2:10. We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for a life of good works which He has prepared for us in advance.

I hope you are having a happy birthday on this Lord’s day. All the best to you and yours. 🎂🎂 (two cakes. one for you, and one for your son)


Thank you for your input, Beth! 2 Corinthians 13:5 is a great verse to go along with this post. Evaluating ourselves in regard to our faith can be difficult but is necessary. I’m usually more of a Barnabas type, but the Paul-like directness simply took over. Actually, I’m preaching to myself as much as anybody. Sadly, I have tried to get by as a sorta seeker from time to time. Thank you again for reading and commenting.

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“We either seek God or we don’t.” There are no “sorta” seekers. . . Kind reader, is seeking God merely a hobby or a holy necessity?” I appreciate the directness of these statements David. You write in a Paul-esque manner. Your post is an exhortation much as Paul’s in 2 Corinthians 13:5 (that was where I was studying this morning.) In the amplified it reads, “Examine and test and evaluate your own selves to see whether you are holding to your faith and showing the proper fruits of it. Test and prove yourselves [not Christ]. Do you not realize and know [thoroughly by an ever increasing experience] that Jesus Christ is in you unless you are counterfeits?

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And then today I started reading a new book, Drawing Near by John Bevere and the opening is this, “There is a call, no, a cry, coming from the heart of God and with each passing day its intensity increases: ‘Why are you satisfied without my presence; why do you remain distant when you could have intimacy with Me?'” Talk about timing! I love how God works!

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We can’t seek God she stay where we are. As you said, we are either seeking Him or we’re not.
He’s calling us into a changed life of discipleship. We are living in a time where we must seek Him with all our heart like never before. Time is running out.

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“We either seek God or we don’t.” There are no “sorta” seekers – I aim to seek God but there are days when I realise that I am unfortunately a sorta seeker and that is something that I am trying not to have at all.
Thank you David for this humbling reminder.

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This…”Kind reader, is seeking God
merely a hobby or a holy necessity? The answer is an either-or statement, not a both-and.”…. says it all.

Wishy-washy faith is no faith at all!

ps – On behalf of those older boys who ditched you, I apologize. I am the oldest child/grandchild on both sides of the family, so I “get” that they didn’t want to be “bothered” with “the baby.” But I now realize how much I missed out on when I behaved like that.

Father, forgive me for any time I have shut others out simply because it was more convenient/fun for me at the time.

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