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God is My Pointer

When I was a kid, my father had a quail hunting buddy who was also a deacon in our little church. The man’s name was Bob White.

Okay, that was a joke🥁. Bobwhite quail are what my dad and Brother Mart liked to hunt together.

Photo by Richard Lee on Unsplash

Anyway, I remember Mart used to say “God is my pointer.” I asked my dad later what that meant, and he gave me a quick lesson on bird hunting. “Son, quail like to hide in the tall grass. It’s hard for a hunter to know where they are. But a good gun dog can find them with his nose. When it does, it freezes in its tracks–pointing out the covey of quail.”

My dad’s friend meant that God is a faithful guide who tells him where to look. Now, I understood! When I was a little older, I found a Bible verse that reminded me of Brother Mart’s favorite saying.

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

Isaiah 30:21 (NIV)

Has God ever talked to you like that–in stereo? I don’t necessarily mean in an audible voice, but there have been some “surround sound” moments when I KNEW He was pointing the way.

One of these happened just last week, when I got stuck behind a massive trash truck with a message from God on the back.

Kind reader, is God your “pointer” too?

Thank you for reading. 🙏❤️

By davidsdailydose

I'm just a regular guy who was
tempted to lose all hope but did not. It was God who made the difference.

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Oh yes! God has been my Pointer since childhood! One memorable pointer in recent years happened early one morning as I began my quiet time. I mistakenly opened my Bible first instead of the study guide. “How silly,” I chided myself. “You don’t even know what the next scripture is for today.” But in consulting the guide, I discovered I’d not only opened my Bible to the right page, the verse was at the very top, John 13:7. Before even reading it, I felt like God was saying, “Nancy, this verse is for you.” At the time I was facing a rough patch of circumstances. Here’s what I read: “You do not know what I am doing but later you will understand.”

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I like your analogy, David. The thought struck me this old dog can still point the way but can’t walk as far or read and write as fast. Keep up the fire, brother. Blessings!

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Thank you, brother! Just to clarify, my father’s friend didn’t mean God was like a servant to him. According to Brother Mart a good gun dog leads rather than follows. I join you in your prayer, as well: 🙏Lead me Lord, and I will follow!

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David this is an excellent point (sorry!). What better pointer could we have in our life than Father God; showing us where to go and also importantly what to avoid. I pray that I remain close to Him each day that I can hear/see His pointing for me to obey Him. Thank you brother for this lovely analogy, God bless you on the upcoming Lord’s Day.

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Thanks for the additional information, Beth. I’ve never been quail hunting myself, though I’ve flushed a covey or two while out for a walk in the field. They make quiet a racket! Proverbs 3:5-6 goes well for a ground bird hunter post.


David, this post hit home and brought back great memories of our Brittany Spaniel. My Dad and brothers are all hunters. Growing up they went pheasant hunting and our Brittany was integral to their success. The key was paying attention to her lead and not their own notion of where they thought the birds might be hiding.

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I’m working on finding peace with “that” as well. One quote that has ministered to me lately is, “Everything looks like failure in the middle.” I struggle with sticking with God’s plan, once I know what it is. Thank you for stopping by!


A wonderful reflection! I find God’s voice can be so quiet yet my heart can just feel the truth of it over the louder inner chatter. That is if I make the time to pause and really listen.

I struggle when his message is simply “patience” or “keep going you are on the path”…still very much working on finding a peace with that.

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Thank you, Gary. The quail have almost disappeared around these parts. Not because of over hunting but due to pesticides used in the fields where they feed. They are slowing making a come back. Many land owners have wisely said “no hunting” until the birds are fully back.

I will take your “ways to insight” post idea under consideration. I’m not entirely sure how everyday events become modern day parables for me. I need to connect the dots. Challenge accepted! Enjoy the fishing!

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Thank you, Simply B. I don’t want to become legalistic about it–seeing divine messages around every corner. However, God clearly speaks through our circumstances. Thank you for stopping by today. God Bless.


Great story and insight David. I love and relate to the way you find insights in everyday life David. My first thought reading your joke “Bob White” was, oh this is too funny…we know the same guy!! My wife has cousins whose last name is “white”
Here’s a book or booklet idea for you (because I’m too busy fishing)
Someone needs to write about “ways to insight”….By that I mean someone who actually get’s insights all the time. Like you.

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God definitely does speak, not audibly, but he communicates in powerful ways. Like garbage trucks in traffic. 🙂 I agree with Don’t Lose Hope re: the verse in Isaiah. Very comforting to know God is the traffic director of our lives. Have a blessed Saturday!!


“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’” Such a comforting verse. I’m so glad God is willing to guide our steps, and thus our lives. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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Isn’t it amazing when we are looking for an angel to show up or a miracle to appear in the sky that God simply uses a garbage truck? For me it was the print hanging over my bed in the hotel. We were there for four nights but I never noticed it till I was packing (See my post Be Still). God knows right where we are and what we need to hear – even when we’re stuck in traffic!

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I love this thought! What comfort it brings to know that God is there, willing to guide the way. But also sad to think about the times when we didn’t listen to His voice. I pray we can learn to walk with Him, every moment of every day.

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