Month: September 2022

  • My Little Secret

    My Little Secret

    Until now it’s been my little secret. (I’m typing quietly so others won’t hear). In the bottom of the library workroom freezer at school there are two whole boxes of ice cream bars. I think they’re treats left over from a staff training, but what does it matter? I know where they are. Every day, […]

  • On the Other Hand

    I was walking away from the pantry one evening with a handful of roasted cashews, when our Schnauzer barked to go outside. Turning around, snack still in my right hand, I grabbed a few kibbles of dog food with my left. Once we were both on the half dark porch, I popped my favorite snack […]

  • Showing the Whole Picture

    Showing the Whole Picture

    Have you ever experienced something that hit so close to home you found yourself saying, “That’s me.” This happened last week when I read a post by Sandrah, at OneMunchingMama. Her masterful piece, A Part of the Picture describes how we often show others only the parts of our life we want them to see. […]

  • Four Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

    I started blogging in 2018 after someone at my work complained: “David is sending Bible verses through the email.” Oh gasp! It was simply uplifting thoughts, from a Christian perspective, I sent to members of our faculty prayer group. Rather than plant the Christian flag and fight for my religious rights, I decided to make […]