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My Little Secret

Until now it’s been my little secret. (I’m typing quietly so others won’t hear).

In the bottom of the library workroom freezer at school there are two whole boxes of ice cream bars. I think they’re treats left over from a staff training, but what does it matter? I know where they are.

Every day, after lunch, I’ve been eating one, or two. It’s really not that big of a deal, I mean freezer burn will ruin them before Christmas, if someone doesn’t intervene.

This past Wednesday, I slyly opened the freezer–after looking both ways. And here’s what I saw:

Was someone on to me?

No. I checked with the library ladies: the books had gotten wet, and freezing them is the first step to fixing them. But why is this book in this freezer, above my secret stash? I mean, it’s a perfect meme, all I did was stand it up and take the picture.

You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

Jesus, Matthew 5: 14,16 (NIV)

Kind reader, this little “freezer find” is a message from God. His light within us should be no secret; the good news of the gospel is to be freely shared with others.

Duly noted.

But I’m not telling the whole staff about the ice cream. 😀

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By davidsdailydose

I'm just a regular guy who was
tempted to lose all hope but did not. It was God who made the difference.

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Thank you, Manette Kay. When I got my ice cream bar today the books were gone. It was truly a guilt free dessert. ☺️

The library ladies insist they did not set me up. The ice cream sharing book just happened to get soaked. I truly believe God had a hand in it.


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David, your meme freezer photo is hilarious and provided a much-needed laugh for me. Your devotional is a perfect reminder about sharing our faith story.

Regarding putting wet books in the freezer, it works. My daughter had a keep-sake children’s Bible from her grandmother that somehow got quite drenched. After research, we learned about the freezing method to evaporate the water and prevent pages from sticking together. The process salvaged the Bible. Afterward, it was much thicker due to the crinkled pages.

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Thank you for stopping by, Funmi. A few commenters have rightly said that a greater blessing would be to share the ice cream. Of course, they are right. And we should share the spiritual ice cream (the gospel) too.
I hope you have a great week as well! God Bless.

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Thank you, brother. I’m glad you got the opportunity to share with your optician. Personal evangelism has always been a bit of a struggle for me, though I grew up Baptist. In reality, it’s as simple as sharing God’s love and light from within. Blessings!

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This made me laugh, Thank you for sharing! I definitely got the message and I always remind my Church members to not hoard the knowledge of Jesus.
Have an amazing week!

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What a lovely post David, and a priceless Holy Spirit intervention leading to this post. Matthew 5:16 is one of my favourite, and most quoted verses. Incidentally I had an opportunity to let my light shine today with my optician who was curious at what I was reading and writing so much…I couldn’t let such an invitation slip by. 😁

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The thought occurred to me that the ice cream doesn’t belong to me. It was purchased by the school for an event. To extend the analogy, the gospel isn’t my property either (other than it saved me), it is God’s.

Thanks, Rainer. I appreciate your stopping by—even if shamelessly prompted to do so by me. 😇

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You are always solution oriented, Chris. I love it! Becoming more comfortable sharing the light of God from within should be the goal of every follower of Christ. It’s not like we need to drive around in a spiritual “ice cream” truck blasting Christian music—just share what Jesus has done for us.

I’m reminded of the lyric from an early song by Steven Curtis Chapman: 🎶 “If they’ve got all this world needs, like they say, I wonder why won’t they give some away?🎶

Oops, I’m writing a whole new post here.😊. Thanks for your input, brother!

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Where is this school? I think I’m hungry for ice cream!😂
You’re right though. What we have inside should not be a secret. At the church we need to help people reconcile their private faith with their public life so they can feel comfortable sharing.

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Being the food loving teacher you are, I thought you would see the wisdom in my ice cream search and rescue effort, Matt.😔 Seriously, you’re right shared treasured opens doors to deeper relationships—with both God and man. I suppose this is the main take-away from this post: don’t hoard good stuff for yourself. Share!


Thanks, Beth. Yes, it was quite a shock to see books in the freezer. I only noticed the title of the one by Mo Willem later. The application was more obvious than some of the analogies I fish 🎣 for.🙂 Our head librarian told me freezing the books slows down the damage—providing more time to work with it. Blessings!

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Love it David!! Mo Willem’s stories were amongst my girls favorites. Not only did the picture make me laugh out loud it also brought back a wave of Elephant and Piggie memories. Great application of your David’s Daily original meme. (Thanks also for passing on a tip from your library ladies. Wish I had known when the kids were smaller to throw wet books into the freezer first).

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I lost it when I saw the picture of the book! Now I know why this Bible verse stuck out to me today! “God has brought me laughter! All who hear about this will laugh with me.” [Genesis 21:6] Because we are all laughing with you! In all seriousness, you are doing the right thing by not wasting perfectly good ice cream! That would be awful!

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My first reaction was to think a child played a prank. Only later did I read the book title. Yes, it was a rather direct message. I get these occasionally from the Lord. Thank you for reading and commenting , Manu. God’s best to you.

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You made me chuckle 🤭. I always like to extend my help in making sure that neither ice cream or cake goes to waste 😁.
Reading the title of the book would have had me thinking someone was onto me. God does have his ways of talking to us. This was a very direct way 🙂

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I just asked my librarian why she freezes wet books. Here’s what she said: “It stops the water from continuing to damage the book giving you more time to work with it.”

Thanks, Betty. I’m enjoying your stories from Yellowstone!

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Seeing that book would have given me pause, David. And perhaps a little guilt. Love the message, and I learned something about wet books. Maybe there is an analogy there, too. Even a wet book can be saved! Enjoy your Saturday!

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I’m glad you agree with me, Bridget. Many of my coworkers are also dieters. I don’t want them to “fall off the wagon.” Therefore, I will step up to serve. Or should that be 🍦 soft serve? Thank you for reading and commenting. Blessings!

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