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Gentle – for Five Minute Friday

There are so many things that could be described as “gentle.”

The gentle cycle on a washer, or the old placid dog who has met many children, come to mind.

But when I hear the word gentle, it brings to mind someone (or something) that is so powerful it doesn’t need to be harsh. I believe meekness is the word I’m searching for.

Jesus certainly fits this description. The Bible tells us he was fully God, yet fully man. Now that’s power! Yet he chose to live the life of a servant, and die a horrible death (he didn’t deserve) to redeem all of mankind.

Perhaps that’s why one of his nicknames is, “Gentle Shepherd.”

Today, let’s all be kinder and gentler than necessary—for Jesus’ sake.

Christian Living Five Minute Friday

“Redeem” For Five Minute Friday

When I hear the word redeem, I immediately think of all the coupons I have lying around the house. At some point I thought they could be useful. “Hey! This is for one dollar off my favorite popcorn!” But, almost without fail, I forget about them and they expire. I find them later, crumpled up in the corner of a drawer—useless.

Thank God His redemption never expires. We can be saved from the wrath of God, once and for all, though the blood of Christ.

Thank God his “coupons” NEVER expire.

Please join me tomorrow for something that took longer than five minutes to write.

Help Barb, I’m writing and I can’t stop!