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Are You My Daddy?

One of my favorite books as a child was, Are You My Mother?, by P.D. Eastman. In the story, a baby bird hatches while his mother is away from the nest. He falls to the ground and immediately begins to search for her, but doesn’t know what she looks like. The little hatchling meets several animals, and even a few machines, and asks each of them, “Are you my mother?” Finally, the baby bird is returned to the nest–just as his mom arrives with a worm.

The Bible has a version of this story. In the final days of His earthly life, Jesus returns to Jerusalem just before Passover. He’s overcome with emotion when the city comes into view and says this:

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often have I longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing. Look, your house is left to you desolate.

Matthew 23:37

The Israelites had ‘left the nest’ yet again, and were not seeking to return. Time after time in the Bible we find God’s people asking everything they see, “Are you my daddy?” And, just like the baby bird in the story, they have NO IDEA of their REAL predicament. When Jesus says, “Look, your house is left to you desolate,” He refers to the ultimate destruction of the temple in Jerusalem (in 79 AD) and God’s rejection of His people (Jeremiah 12:7).

Isn’t idolatry (even in ignorance) still a problem today? It’s easy to stray from the nest. And Christians are not immune to the lure of the three S’s: sin, self, and stuff.

A recent devotional in, Our Daily Bread, highlights the tendency to trust in just-in-case idols. The old hymn, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, becomes Leaning on the Ever-lesser Arms, when we trust in our own intelligence, abilities, or possessions more than God.

Nevertheless, a loving Father awaits the return of all stray hatchlings to the nest.

He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge.

Psalm 91:4

Who’s Your Daddy?

By davidsdailydose

I'm just a regular guy who was
tempted to lose all hope but did not. It was God who made the difference.

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The Bible passage you refer to – from Matthew 23 – is such a moving passage. It so powerfully conveys the tender, loving heart of God; and also our instinct to pull away, and do our own thing. His never-failing desire to have us return to Him is truly beautiful – and amazing.

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What a wonderful analogy you have drawn from one of my favorite books! I have read this one to all four of my own children as well as many others in my days as a preschool teacher, but I had never seen how well this illustrates the way we wander about “looking for our daddy”. How comforting it is to know He is always ready to gather under His wings!

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Great analogy. I believe there’s a holy homing beacon in all of us looking for our home. Our Heavenly Father is calling to us, beckoning us to come, but like you said, we’re too busy seeing if everything else is our daddy instead. We’re all born searching like the wooden like wise men for our savior Emmanuel. May this season be a time of great revival where the lost find their true home in Christ.

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Great piece today, David! It gives me this image of people running about, looking for answers and missing the biggest answer in sight: God!

It reminds me of being in Paris and getting directions from someone to go past the Grand Arch to find my hotel. My wife and I walked and walked and finally found an arch about 10 feet tall. We wondered why it was called the Grand Arch.

Then we saw a statue of a person looking up. That’s odd. So we looked up. It turned out that the Grand Arch is a huge office building hundreds of feet tall. It was so big we missed it. What we needed to do was look up!

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Wonderful truths you’ve presented, David. I know for certain I struggle with those three s’s! Every now and again like the bird though I have to sing, “I’ve wandered far away from You but now, I’m coming home.” Thanks for reminding us we do have a Daddy waiting to receive us 🙏🏽

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I believe idolatry is a big problem in the world today. Whether it be cars, homes, money, jobs or relationships, it becomes an idol the second it competes with God. God should always be our number 1. However, so many have things that do not compare in that slot.

And saying this does not only apply to non-Christians. Even the best of us could have an idol or two without realizing it. We need to start thinking of posessions as not just belongings, but gifts from our Creator. Same with our family and relationships. All good things are given to us by God. We must not pervert the gifts by putting them before Him.

Also, I tried to click on the link for your other post on the bottom. It doesn’t work for me.

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Beautiful post David, I too loved that book! I read it to my boys as well. God is always unconditionally loving, guiding and protecting us. It’s in His strength that I’ve been able to overcome the many challenges in my life. I just ask Him to help me, and I’m always supported. You articulated His love for us all so beautifully my friend. Have a Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🧡🦃

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