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Slow Down to Get Around

The other day I got stuck in the slow lane behind a garbage truck. Even with the air on recirculate, I could smell the contents of a McDonald’s dumpster. “Well, this stinks,” I said through clenched teeth.😬

Finally, I was able to slide over into the fast lane, only to get caught by a red light.😖 But that’s when I had time to read the sign on the back.

“How can I get around you if I slow down?!”🤔 I asked the offensive truck. Then I realized what the sign means. When one is traveling in a neighborhood behind a giant garbage truck, it’s best to pass it carefully. You don’t want to hit a sanitation worker, or meet another vehicle head on.

A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense.

Proverbs 19:11

Frankly, the sign on the garbage truck was a sign from God. At least for me. Recently, I’ve felt a bit stuck (that’s twice in one post) behind situations that, quite simply, stink. The temptation to speed around them has been strong.

So, what if I WANT you to follow a proverbial “garbage truck” for awhile?” said the Holy Spirit. “Is it really a deal-breaker?” Well, when you put it that way, Lord… I suppose I can slow down to get around.

Is it okay if I hold my nose?

Thank you for reading. 🙏❤️prayers and love.

By davidsdailydose

I'm just a regular guy who was
tempted to lose all hope but did not. It was God who made the difference.

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Thank you for adding your valuable thoughts, CG. When I encountered the trash truck I was approaching burn out. God indeed used the message to slow me down. I went home that day and took the rest of the day off–a rarity for me. Thank you for supporting my little blog. Your site is one of my favorites!

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I worked with a utility years ago to help promote that slogan when it was new. Their workers often complained about cars speeding around their trucks when they were working. A widow of a trash truck driver was our spokesperson. Her husband was killed by a driver passing his stopped truck. I like your analogy. Sometimes God slows us down to protect us.

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Me too, Crystal. God has used everyday things, like a sign on the back of a truck, to point me in the right direction. Sometimes it has even been a song on the radio that spoke perfectly to my situation. I am grateful for His personal messages to me. Thank you for reading and sharing. God Bless!


Thank you, Bridget. Andy Oldham, from contacted me a few months ago via email and invited me to post on his site. I emailed him back with a few questions but never heard back.

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Hi David. There is a blog that I recently started following on WordPress. is the way I see it on WordPress. But they also have another site Anyway, Andy reached out to me, looking for some potential guest posts. I thought of you because the articles are especially geared towards dads and granddads. I just thought I would mention it, in case you were interested in writing a guest post for them. If so you can check out this page: Or you can also email Andy at If not, that’s okay too, and I apologize if I spoke out of turn. I know you have done guest posts for other blogs before. So I thought you might be interested. 😊

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Thank you, Bridget. It’s encouraging to know I’m not the only one who wants to get around the unsavory parts of life. But, like you said, these moments often mold us the most. 🙏May God continue to bless your writing ministry.

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Now that’s some real garbage duty, Andy B! Yes, the smell, and the slow speed of the truck, we’re a terrible combination. Yet God used that stinky truck to teach me a life lesson. Thank you for sharing your story. God’s best to the Berry Bunch.


My first real work after leaving school was drilling through domestic waste that had been sat in a landfill for 25 years.

We drilled down 10-15 metres in order to install giant pipes to extract the methane – to prevent explosions and to use for energy for the landfill site.

The smell and sight was something I’ve never forgotten lol the liquid that came out of the hole is forever lodged in my mind too – and that was 26 years ago.

Smells are so very evocative at recalling memories aren’t they.

And yes, always a good lesson to remember to slow down. God is never in a rush, so we shouldn’t be either.

I’m guilty of that – thanks for the reminder!!

Andy B

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I guess you could say that “Slow down to get around” was the way of life there. Sadly, many don’t live by that motto anymore. It is nerve wracking to watch impatient motorists pass buggies at hill crests and before blind turns. Those moments remind me of the importance of being patient.

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Yes, indeed! God put this life lesson right in front of my eyes, and nose! Fast-forwarding through the unappealing parts of life seems like a good idea, but reality is not a B movie. Thank you for reading and commenting. I love the way your mind works, too!

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It sounds like growing up in Amish country gave you plenty of opportunities to “Slow Down to Get Around.” The commute to work from our quaint little town gets more challenging by the year. I suppose life can be like that in general. Thank you for sharing, Beth. God Bless!

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David, that’s an important driving skill both for the road and life. Growing up in the heart of the Amish countryside, one of the most important lessons my parents taught us kids when we were learning how to drive was how to patiently wait until all was clear to pass a buggy, a farm wagon, or a tractor. Depending on the hilliness or curviness of the road that might mean patiently trailing the slow moving vehicle for several miles. The worst waits were when you happened on the wagon or tractor that was hauling the manure.

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Junk collector sounds more desirable than garbage collector. I actually worked on a trash truck for awhile when I was in seminary. It’s amazing what some folks throw away, even poor graduate students. You’re right, G. W. Jesus is a good junk collector. I’m so glad God feels the world is worth saving. Thank you for your input, brother. God Bless.

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I always wanted to be a garbage man. More precisely a junk collector. Same thing without the smell. Where would we be without junk collectors. If Jesus wasn’t so good a junk collector I would still be on a fast track to hell. Might even be writing this from there now!

Great application, David. Made me slow down and think! Blessings!

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I have often wondered how long my life would be if we were able to fast-forward around the parts of life that stink.
I would dare say I would be bypassing the formula for wisdom and patience as well.
Good thots David, even though a little smelly.

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