Night Song

We have a new friend in our neighborhood; he’s a mockingbird who likes to sing at night. And when I say night, I mean in the wee hours of the morning.😳

▶️ 1:26 AM: Our fourteen year old diabetic schnauzer wakes me up to go outside. “Casanova” (the Mockingbird) sits in the top of our neighbor’s pine tree cycling through every song he knows.

3:?? AM: Cooper, the schnauzer, rouses me again, for another potty break. As soon as I open the back door, I hear our ill-timed songster, still serenading —at 77 decibels. Yes, I checked it with my Apple Watch. No, I don’t normally wear it to bed.🙈

5:15 AM: My alarm goes off. It’s time to feed Cooper and give him his morning insulin. After he eats, it’s out for yet another potty break. Guess who’s still singing away when I step out on the porch? That’s right, Casanova.

He sang all night.

⏸️ Does this remind you of anyone in the Bible?  What about if I replace the word sang with prayed?

One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray and spent the night praying to God.  

Luke 6:12 (NIV)

The first early, early encounter with the mockingbird happened shortly after Maundy Thursday became the wee hours of Good Friday. My mind naturally went to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, praying his heart out to God. 

Question: How long would Christ have cried out to his Father if the angry mob had not come for him?

Answer:  All. Night. Long.

Kind reader, I confess I’ve never watched and prayed, praised, or done anything until the next morning with Jesus. Like Peter, James, and John “my eyes were heavy” (Matthew 26:43).

‘Could you men not keep watch with me for one hour?’  He asked Peter. ‘Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.’

Jesus- Matthew 26:40-41 (NIV)

Heavenly Father: please help me tarry with you in prayer, for an hour, or as long as it takes. My flesh is weak, but your Holy Spirit within me is willing. Amen

Thank you for reading. 🙏❤️ prayers and love.

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  1. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you, Dawn. Yes, it’s awesome that Jesus didn’t just tell us the way he showed us. Wait. He IS the way! Blessings to you.

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  2. Dawn Avatar

    Nice story, David! I am thankful Jesus set the ultimate example of persistence in prayer for us. 🙏🏿

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  3. Avatar

    Amen to that my brother!

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  4. davidsdailydose Avatar

    The day has gone well. We had lunch with some friends from church and the came home. I plan to FaceTime with my oldest son tonight.

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  5. jesusluvsall Avatar

    It is a blessed day. How is yours?

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  6. davidsdailydose Avatar

    I love the scripture you included, Matt! I had written down (but didn’t use), “On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night. Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings.” Psalm 63:6-7 (NIV)

    I hope you’re having a blessed Easter (Resurrection Sunday)

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  7. jesusluvsall Avatar

    I have never heard a mocking bird but have had robins singing outside my window at sunrise. As a night owl, I have not been welcoming of such behavior.

    However, I have also experienced Zephaniah 3:17-
    “The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.” It is comforting to feel the presence of Jesus as a worship song is in my spirit.

    Happy Resurrection Day 🙂

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  8. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thankfully, inside the house it’s not too awful loud. I shot so many birds, with my BB and pellet guns, when I was young, I reached my lifetime limit. I even killed a Mockingbird, or two, which pains me to say. I just hope the lovelorn little guy finds a mate soon.
    Thanks, Gary. I enjoy your stories. Happy Easter (Resurrection Sunday) to you and yours.

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  9. Gary Fultz Avatar

    Love the story David and drawing attention to prayer. I often fall asleep praying but I’m always tired at night so I have begun to be much more courteous to the Lord in refreshed times of the morning. You are more kind to that bird than I would be I think. I do remember a large flock of small birds landing in the brush by my tent on a wilderness trip at 4:00am singing their little hearts out very loud. Everyone was awake so I yelled at the birds “you birds be quiet I’m trying to enjoy nature!” Ya, that made no sense to anyone.

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  10. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful Easter as well!

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  11. Don't Lose Hope Avatar

    Such a great analogy. Wishing you a blessed and happy Easter.

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  12. davidsdailydose Avatar

    I’m not sure either, Catsandcoffee. That’s a good question.


  13. Catsandcoffee Avatar

    Why is Easter celebrated the Sunday after Good Friday when Jesus rose 3 days after the Crucifixion? Technically, shouldn’t Easter be celebrated next Wednesday? Just wondering.

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  14. Beth Alisan Avatar

    Happy Easter!

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  15. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thanks, Pete. This is the first Mockingbird I’ve heard sing at night. A quick google search says it’s all to common, though. Inside the house it’s not so loud, but out in the porch it’s fog horn level, at least after midnight. Happy Easter to you as well.

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  16. pastorpete51 Avatar

    Happy Easter Dave. First, this is an interesting post and I love the connection to Gethsemane. We also have a mockingbird who grudgingly shares our large holly with a pair of cardinals. Yes they do sing especially during mating season a lot. But without a Schnauzer to wake me I just sing and let sing.

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  17. God Still Speaks Avatar

    That’s good too!

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  18. davidsdailydose Avatar

    I have a few scriptures I like to say when I can’t sleep. It really helps to say them back to God!

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  19. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Just being willing to watch and pray with our Lord is a start. Of course, legalism can rear it’s ugly head, even in something good—like prayer. Thanks for reading and commenting, brother!

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  20. God Still Speaks Avatar

    So very true. I know as I’ve gotten older and have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, sometimes I can’t fall back asleep right away, and use that as an opportunity to pray.

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  21. Alan Kearns Avatar

    Wow David, I am glad we don’t have mockingbird in the UK…that would drive me nuts since we live right next to the woods. Now the title of that famous book by Harper Lee makes more sense to me! 😁
    I must admit I have never done a night watch either for prayer, but I have worked nightshift in the past…that was hard. I suppose the question for each of us is how much time do we give to prayer, and could we do better. I know I can do more if I tried. Thank you for sharing this challenge brother. God bless you and your family today 🙏

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  22. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Agreed. He has of weaknesses that wake him up at night. Perhaps we need the same thing. It offers an opportunity to pray—turning these over to God.

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  23. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Once spring has sprung—in bird brains, anyway—it doesn’t matter how cold the mornings are. They still sing! Like you said in one of your recent talks—we praise God in good times and not so good. Why? Because He remains the same. A blessed Easter to the Berry Bunch, as well.

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  24. Avatar

    Great stuff David.

    Birds have returned to our hedges…the noise is beautiful.

    Happy Easter my brother and my friend.

    Andy B

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  25. God Still Speaks Avatar

    I think Cooper has a better chance of staying up all night than we do!

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  26. davidsdailydose Avatar

    What a wonderful story! Apparently, Mockingbirds are notorious for serenading at odd times. Thanks for stopping by!

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  27. blmaluso Avatar

    Loved reading this!

    You reminded me of something that happened years ago…when we slept with the windows open.

    My alarm clock woke me up everyday to a series of bird calls…which I loved. One morning, I was awakened to the medley, and kept trying to push the snooze…to no avail. I was perplexed until I looked out the window and saw the mockingbird that was serenading me❤️ Absolutely loved it!

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  28. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Good point, Beth. The prayers of Jesus, and others in the scriptures are a great template to follow.

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  29. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Yep. This is just a sampling. His entire repertoire is quite impressive.


  30. Beth Alisan Avatar

    Amen, David! Thank you for giving me a fresh appreciation for the mockingbird’s persistent nighttime song. I also had to think how the mockingbird’s song is patterned after other birds. Likewise, my prayers should also be patterned off the prayers found in the Word.

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  31. ladysheepdog Avatar

    Mercy sakes that is some eventful bird talking.

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  32. Bruce Cooper Avatar

    You had me smiling with that pellet gun!

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  33. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thanks, Betty. The same to you and Dan. Enjoy your day!


  34. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thanks, Bruce. I must admit, a pellet gun with night vision capability comes to mind, as a greeting for my early morning friend.🤠On second thought, he’s just doing what he was made to do. It’s not too loud inside the house.
    Thanks for reading and commenting,
    brother. A blessed resurrection Sunday to you and yours, as well.

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  35. Betty Avatar

    Nice analogy, David. And your dog is blessed to have you – just as we have been blessed by our Lord. I hope you have a blessed Easter with your family!

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  36. Bruce Cooper Avatar

    Give my regards to “Casanova”, David. Time and choosing are at your discretion! Funny how God gives us these little reminders of what is precious. God’s continued blessing to you and yours today and on Resurrection Sunday, brother!

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  37. davidsdailydose Avatar

    Thanks, Rainer. I’m pretty much used to getting up with my little buddy. God often speaks to me during these times—with a nugget from His Word, or a mockingbird. Coffee helps keep me going. ☕️

    Happy Easter (resurrection Sunday) to you and Sweet T, brother!

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  38. The Devotional Guy™ Avatar

    This is great, David. I found myself chuckling throughout—even though it came at the expense of you being serenaded by your new friend, Mister Mockingbird. I love the picture you paint with your words in this post. And it’s sweet to think of you doing something for Cooper that he can’t do for himself, just like Christ did something for us that we couldn’t do for ourselves. Thanks for the entertaining read. Praying you get some rest. Peace.

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  39. davidsdailydose Avatar

    I’m awake and on my second cup of coffee, brother BG. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Easter to you, as well. Stay blessed, my brother!

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  40. BG Avatar

    This is a great story brother! God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform! Thanks Dave and Happy Easter! You awake? 😂

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